How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Android

share wifi password

Searching for how to share wifi password from your iPhone to the Android?  Let’s discuss the steps of it on this page.

There is a perfect feature in iOS which allows the users to share the WiFi password easily to the other devices. By the use of the QR code, it is much faster than the use of the WiFi widget. QR code also eliminates the stored network password in the text of plain type in the messages app anywhere. There are very best steps available for sharing the WiFi password to android.

How to Share WiFi Password

Here are the steps explained in sharing the WiFi password of iPhone to Android:-

How To Share Wifi Password From iPhone To Android

Step 1: Search the name of the SSID (Name of the WiFi network)

Begin with searching for the SSID which refers to service set identifier. It is also known as the network name of WiFi. There occurs the address name of SSID. If the users are unknown to it, then go to the settings app and then click on the WiFi there.

The currently connected network will show there on the upward side of the  SSID. After finding it, do the recording of it anywhere for remembering it in further use.

Step 2 : Installing the Visual Codes in the device

This app will allow the users in creating the QR code which is known as the visual codes. Go to the IOS store and search for it. Users can also directly visit the link and can download it from there by clicking on the Get button.

Step 3: Creating of the own QR Code

It is a very simple process in creating the QR code. After opening the app, the codes screen will occur there. Click on the add code there at the downward side. As when the screen will appear thereof code creation for visual codes, click on the Connect to Wifi which is under the heading of create code with action on your screen.

Step 4

Now, it will ask to enter the name of the network, security as well as the password of yours. Name here belongs to the SSID and the password is the WiFi network which you have created before. The option of security will be as the WPA. Do the labeling as the QR code there.

Step 5

After the creation of the code in the codes section, click on the edit option and then users can select the colored themes there for applying in the QR code.

Step 6

As the code is now created, it will be there stored in the visual codes. It is in the library of QR codes which is known as Codes. Click there on code for viewing the full size of it.

Step 7

Now, the sharing of the WiFi network is much easier. Go to the option of photos in your device and then open the screenshot from it. If there is code in the visual codes, then ask Siri for finding it. It is the best way in taking the code from your device and sharing it.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand how they can share the wifi password from their iPhone to the Android device. Give us feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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