How To Access Shared Folder In Windows 10

How to access shared folder in Windows 10 Sometimes when Windows user maps to a shared computer on the network running on Windows 10 find themself in a condition where they cannot able to access a shared folder in windows and if you also find themselves in this type of situation.

How Can I Tell If A Folder Is Shared In Windows?

There is a simple process from which you can easily find out if the folder you access in your computer is shared with any other network.

For this, you’ve opened the Computer Management option through the search bar and navigate to the Shared Folders option. Where you can find all the shared folders available on your system.

Whenever you’re accessing a shared network folder in windows 10 all the time you then make sure you map that folder to the drive-in of your computer.

How To Access Shared Folder In Windows 10

In this short tutorial, we are going to show how you can easily access a shared folder in windows without taking any help from others.

Just follow the given step-by-step instructions and you’ll be rock without a hassle.

Basically, there are methods to access a shared folder in Windows 10. And we going to tell you both the method in this article.

  •  Mapping The Network Drive In Windows 10 For All Shared Folders
  • Access Specific Shared Folder In Windows 10 Using IP Address

Mapping The Network Drive In Windows 10 For Shared Folders

In this method, create a map of the network drive in your windows in My Computers where all drives are located.

From this, you can easily able to access all the shared folders in windows in one place in one drive that you map using the below-given steps.

  1. Open the File Explorer window by press the (Windows+E) shortcut keys.

2. Now in Windows 10 go to This PC icon from the left side window sidebar and Click on the Computer tab.

3. After the second step, tap on the Map Network Drive button to open the Map Network dialogue box.

4. Assign the drive letter (you can select any drive letter from the available list of letters ).

5. Click on the Browse button (that opens a mini-network window tab that shows listing an available room on the devices on the network ).

6. Choose the server or network computer and after this shared folder. Now select the username and password to locate the network resource of the folder.

7. Most importantly, make sure the Sign-In option is checked on the box and hit the Finished button.

8. After completing the seventh step you will see a new drive appears on This PC with the drive letter that you’ve assigned it.

9. You can now easily access all the shared folders in windows 10 through drive without having a hassle.

How To Access Shared Folder In Windows 10  Using IP Address

You can also access shared folders in your computer windows using the IP addresses. For this, you’ve browsed the shared folder through the network in Nautilus.

The easiest way to open Nautilus is to go to the File Manager (This PC) and press the Ctrl+L shortcut keys. By this action, you’re able to see a text field where you’ve to type


Moreover, you can also connect the shared folder with places or locations on your computer.

For this you’ve gone to the places menu, choose “connect to server” and in the dialogue box that appears in it select “Windows Resource” now when the IP address into the serve.

By doing this you can create a shortcut for the shared folder and access them anywhere in your system without having a hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]:-

How can I get into a shared folder on a different computer?

Double-click the computer’s name from which you just want open a shared folder. Choose a folder. To open a folder, double-click it. If prompted, input your username and password.

Where can I find shared folders?

Open Computer Management and click “System Tools -> Shared Folders -> Shares” on the left side of the window. The comprehensive list of all the shared folders and partitions on your Windows machine or device loads in the primary panel from Computer Management.

How can I join a public network?

Share files and printers and enable network discovery. Disable password-protected sharing. Choose the Start button, then Settings > Network & internet, and then click the Share buttons on the right side. Choose Enable on Network discovery & Enable on file and printer having shared under Private.

Why are sharing folders on mine network hidden from me?

Ensure that Network discovery is turned on for every PC. Ensure that all PCs have folder and printer sharing turned on. Toggle Password-protected sharing should have been turned off before retesting. Check that the account you used to add users to share with is the one you are using to log in.

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