How To Reset HP Laptop Password

If you forget the password to your HP laptop, how to Reset HP Laptop Password Don’t freak out if this issue bothers you. In this article, you will learn about it with detailed instructions that may be able to help you unlock it.

If you own a laptop, and use it either for professional or for study purpose like as a student or even if you use it for playing games and stuff, everybody wants their privacy and want it to be respected.

In this case, what you gotta do is set up a password that is a sort of security or says privacy to your laptop so that your confidential data remains confidential and up to your reach only and nobody else until your self allow them to by giving them access to the password.

How To Reset HP Laptop Password

Now in all these cases and more like these not mentioned security and privacy are the biggest factors, which are mainly passwords that are only known to you and are required whenever somebody wants access to your laptop.

Now in case you own a hp laptop, you must know it works with windows, and right now the latest version of windows is 10, so set up a password or a source of privacy or security for your windows 10 hp laptop.

Step 1:

You gotta click on the start button or by going to the menu in windows 10. After clicking the start menu, click on Settings.

Step 2:

If you are using the full-screen start menu after clicking on the start menu, click on the box at the top left corner, and then moving further, Click on settings.

Step 3:

Then in the settings menu, click on the account settings icon. Further, click on the sign-in options tab and then click on the add button.

A pop will appear and say, put your desired password and hint. 

The option of hint is provided as in case if somebody comes to know about your password and tries to access it then it must not be that convenient for them so, then you don’t know what to do or just in case your self forgot the password and can not get to it and you are trying to get hands-on it or reset it, the hint will be something that will help you lot.

Hints in here will be like your middle name or your pet’s name or the school you first went to so as to make sure to keep it that private that only you can know them.

It can also be just the password hint which is basically something that describes your password and using that you can be a bit carefree about the password.

Step 4:

After it clicks on the Next button.

Step 5:

And then click on finish and the process is over, your laptop is successfully password protected and is secure in every way, even if you forget the password there are ways you can know them back.

So this is how you gotta add the password and indirect security to secure the data in your laptop and only you will have access to it.

This one is the easiest and most convenient way of setting up a password on your windows and hence enjoy your privacy which is flexible according to the situation.

This article is based on how to reset the HP laptop password. Follow the given step by step to change the Hp laptop password running on Windows.

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