How to Reset Dell Laptop : [Step by Step Guide]

Thinking, How to reset Dell Laptop running on Windows OS!

If you own a dell laptop, and use it either for professional or for study purpose like as a student or even if you use it for playing games and stuff, everybody loves their privacy and want it to be respected. Now in case you use for professional as in either for business or for your job, you obviously hold confidential data on your laptop.

Which is meant to be only with you and further only to the ones who you want. And if in case you use it for study purposes you might have important lectures, notes, copies, important data, etc, and a lot of things which you want only to stay with you and with nobody else until you yourself want.

How to Reset Dell Laptop

Now in all these cases and more like these not mentioned security and privacy are the biggest factors, which are mainly passwords that are only known to you and are required whenever somebody wants access to your laptop.
Now there is always a possibility that you forget the password by any means and then can not open your laptop which can be a real issue sometimes.

In a case where you can not recall the password set by you and want access to your laptop then factory reset is an option for you which is similar to the format of a phone.

Thing To Consider To Reset Dell Laptop Running on Windows 

Now the first thing you got to do before starting the is make sure that your computer or say your laptop is connected to a power source because if you face power failure through this process, you might have to get onto it again so it is very important.

After that, it is quite straight forward, where you just gotta locate the shift key on your laptop keyboard and you can either just “hold the power button and the shift key together “ and hold them for a moment and your laptop will start.

Or if you don’t wanna use the keyboard then you just gotta navigate with your mouse over to the power button and hold the shift key and then a dialogue box pops up on your screen where you gotta select restart.

Step 1:

Once the computer starts it will have three options. If it continues to use a drive to store the backup. Or just troubleshoot, so you gotta select any of them and then select whatever, and then further three options appear where you are asked to reset the PC, so you gotta click on it.

Step 2:

After that, you’ll get options to either save the files or delete them and move further selecting options according to your requirements and after all the online formalities you will be able to access your laptop once again like you used to.

Step 3:

Now, this is a very simple, convenient, and easy process for such a big .issue of you not being able to access your laptop containing your important data. This trick is super handy and the easiest way to actually access your laptops computers in case you lose access to them.

Wrapping Up!

This article is based on a step by step guide for how to reset Dell laptop. The article contains all the necessary information required to reset or factory reset Dell laptop running on Windows operating system. In case, if you find any issue or error while performing the above steps feel free to contact us using the comment box.

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