How to Enable Spell Check in Chrome

Searching for how to enable spell check in Chrome? Let’s discuss it here on this page. Various steps of it are included here which will enable the users to get spell check in Chrome.

There is a necessary need for the spell check in Chrome to access better writing in it. The proper grammar check will enable the person to get better writing. As there is a spell check available in chrome, there also comes Grammarly Extension for Chrome which is far better.  It will give much better performance along with the grammar checking with the best words inability. Let’s discuss various steps required for it.

How to Enable Spell Check in Chrome

Here are the steps explained for the spell check inability in Chrome:-

Procedure 1: The inability of Spell Check in Chrome

Step 1

In your Google Chrome, visit the rightward side to the top of the given browser toolbar. In it, do the selection of the settings option.

Step 2

Do the scrolling of it and you will find there in the bottom an option as Advanced there. Click on it to get additional settings on the screen.

Step 3

Move a bit down of your screen and you will get the Languages option there. In it, click on the Spell Check to open the menu there.

Step 4

Now, users can here turn on or either off their spell check in Chrome by clicking on the slider that is next to the given language option there.  There occurs a slider of blue in color which gives the indication that the spell checker is now in enable form in your Chrome.

Points to be Noted

Users can either edit or can add the custom spellings by doing the selection of options of respective form which is given at the downward side of the available list there. The addition of words to the default dictionary of Google can be there.

Users can also enable the spell checker of enhanced form. By going to the Enhanced spell check in the Google chrome and enabling it, they can get the recognition of the error in an automatic form.

Procedure 2: Grammarly Extension chrome

Step 1

Firstly, open the web-store in your Google Chrome. Go to the website of for directly visiting it.

Step 2

Now type there Grammarly in the Chrome in the given search bar. The search bar is available at the upward side to the corner of the web store in Chrome ‘s homepage.

Step 3

After that, click on the add to the chrome button. Users can now click on the Grammarly extension and download it. If they want to learn about what is Grammarly, then they can go for it.

Step 4

Now a confirmation message will appear on your screen. After when you will click on add to the Chrome button, the confirmation message will appear there. After it comes, click on the Add extension button. It is actually asking for permission for looking at the writing of the user for finding the grammar mistakes.

Step 5

After that, do the confirmation for downloading the extension properly. The logo of Grammarly will appear on the upward to the right side of your screen.

Step 6

Now, click on the appeared logo. A rectangular form of the little menu will occur on the screen. For trying of all the available features of Grammarly extension, turn the slider in it to the right side. Select the language in which you want your correction to be done.

Step 7

Your Grammarly extension is now successfully downloaded to your Google Chrome.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information of enabling the spell check in chrome has made you understand far better about it. Give us feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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