(5 Ways) How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number

Looking for a way or step by step guide on how to find HP laptop battery model number. Well, don’t worry in this article we are going to show you how you can easily look up for hp laptop battery model number. The model number of the battery can be useful when you wanted to repair the HP laptop battery or want to change the battery of your laptop.

HP laptop has a unique battery model and to facilitate your repair work and find the replacement parts or laptop required, the manufacturer may request your model number of that part such as a battery. There are various methods for locating the model number of laptop parts.

Check Under Side of The Laptop

Mostly, the HP laptop has a sticker on the underside of the laptop body. The sticker contains all the information about the model number of the parts used on your laptop. To check the model number of the battery on your laptop, place your pick up your laptop and place it upside down on the clean and soft surface.

Find the White or Sliver sticker on the underside of the laptop, near the middle of the casing. Now look for the prefix symbol “P/N” the number given at this Prefix is the model number of the laptop.

Check Laptop Battery Sticker

There is a Sticker on the battery of the laptop, So in case if the sticker of the underside of the laptop has been removed or scratched off. You can easily go for this method. Turn off your laptop and remove the battery from your laptop.

Now once the battery has been remove from the laptop, look for the white or silver sticker on the battery the sticker will on the battery or on the battery compartment. Check the “P/N” Prefix and the following number which is the model number of the battery of your laptop.

Use System Information To Check Battery Model Number

There is an another method to check or lookup the battery model number of laptops running on Windows OS. In HP you can use System Information screen to find all the information regarding the model numbers of the parts used on your laptop.

Follow these steps to open System Information on your HP laptop.

  1. Go to the Start Menu and type “System Information” on the search bar and open it.
  2. Once the System Information window opened on the screen.
  3. From the Leftside panel, look for the Product Number heading and open it.
  4. The number will restrain the “#” symbol and is insignificantly complex from a model number

System Information Windows 10

HP Support Assistant

You can also use HP Support Assistant to get information regarding the model number of your laptop battery or other parts. However, this method only useful if you’ve installed HP Support Assistant software on your HP Laptop. Otherwise, firstly, you’ve to install the software using the Start Menu. Go to the Start Menu and type “HP Support Assistant” and you’ve find the setup exe file saved on your PC. Install it and launched the HP Support Assistant.

Once the HP Support Assistant is fully launched on the screen. Locate the model number and other information regarding your HP laptop. That displayed on the edge of the bottom of the screen of HP Assistant software.

Final Words

Now you’ve known several ways to locate the battery model number of HP laptop. You’ve you find this article informative to get useful information. Check out some of the related articles for more information regarding the Windows laptop.

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