How to View Passwords on Mac – Step by Step

If you want to know how to view passwords on mac? then check this ultimate guide with proper step by step process for viewing saved passwords on Mac computer. When you are changing your passwords on mac, all previous passwords are kept safe and saved in some places. It helps recover your password and is best in helping further whenever required. There is a feature called keychain, which offers such features in viewing your saved passwords on mac.

How to View Passwords on Mac

You can be easily by going through various steps that can see your previous passwords and can get them in a better form. It will also be great to recover from it, and it will be perfect for getting the knowledge for future requirements.

Here are the given explained steps which will enable the user in the viewing of their saved passwords on their mac, along with the information of where they are stored.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to open the required folder of utilities in the finder option. It is the button that displays in the dock selection, or it can also open by clicking on the shift button along with the required keys. It will show you the various options along with it when you open then the keychain application is visible there.

Step 2:

Select the utility of the accessing of the keychain, which displays in the folder of the given utilities, or you can also search it in the given bar. For accessing the keychain, the current password of yours is necessary for it. You have to type your password there, and it will access you to the further required options.

Step 3:

Now click on the passwords option, which given under the categories button. There will occur a list of options that are there for the required information in logging to it. The various other forms are also visible along with it, which shows the category of keys and certificates.

Step 4:

After that, go for the password of which you are looking. A bar of the search will appear there shown at the upward side to the right of the given screen. You can easily browse there for your password of the specific form which you need. It will show you a variety of passwords that you before settled in your account.

Step 5:

Now, a list of log in selection can be seen there where you have to take the displayed form of time and date in which it was later changed along with it. The information on login will occur there, giving the advantage of the window by clicking there in the given list.

Step 6:

Select the given box, which displays the password option. It’s available at the downside of the window, along with the comments section in a broader form of it.

Step 7:

Now enter the password, after which they will show you the login information. After you correctly enter it, it will open the required page. It can be done as many times as you open them. For accessing it to the required form, you can easily access them for many other types of passwords.