How To Cancel NetFlix on iPhone – Step By Step

Want to know how to cancel Netflix on iPhone or iPad. First of all, what Netflix actually is, is said to be an online streaming app where you find amazing content in video formats. It offers unlimited content like documentaries, movies, tv shows, web series and its own exclusive content on all of the member devices. It offers an amazing set of premium and exclusive content in a justified amount of money.

Netflix is super trending and seems to be loved by the youth, the coming generation and some adults as well. It is super popular and the content shown on Netflix is exclusive and is not found somewhere else and that is what makes it unique and outstanding and is eventually loved by a lot and a lot of people. ‘Netflix and chill’ is a phrase used and is known to be super cool to use and all this hype is all worth it.

How To Cancel NetFlix on iPhone

Coming on to if due to some specific reason you are not enjoying or not liking the content shown on Netflix or you just don’t find it worth anymore to spend on Netflix, you always would want it to be convenient and spend your money the way you want and on stuff, you find it worth spending.

In that case, you always have an option to cancel it or say cancel its subscription. Mainly talking about iOS or say iPhone, to cancel Netflix on in here, without any cancellation fee charged.

Step 1:

Now, first of all, what you need to know is it cannot be cancelled itself from the Netflix app and hence requires a web browser to access your account.

Step 2:

Now beginning with the process, you firstly gotta open a browser and log onto As the site opens up, you will see signup and login options so as you have to cancel your subscriptions it implies that you hold an account of your own and hence you gotta signup.

Step 3:

Now you gotta enter your username and password or whatever it asks to login to your Netflix account and then tap sign in.

Step 4:

Now on the top on the left side, you gotta tap on ‘menu’. From there in the menu section, you gotta tap on account to open up account settings, from where you just gotta scroll down a little bit and there you’ll find ‘cancel membership’, tap on it. And then to confirm, tap on ‘finish cancellation’.

Step 5:

Once your ongoing plan ends up or expires you won’t be charged further for the monthly dues and your Netflix account or subscription is cancelled. This way you can very easily cancel your Netflix subscription.

Additional Tips:

It has different plans that you can choose from depending on how you want to watch it by which I mean.  if you use mobile and a single person who’ll b using it then you have plans according to it and then there are plans according to anybody using a PC or a tv or a laptop or something and also it gives you options for up to several screens maximum to 4 with premium content available on it in high quality.