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How to Turn on Google Assistant On Any Device

Google Assistant is the virtual form of an assistant, which made to get help at various points while using your device. It also gives the speaker formation, which will guide you in your activities. It comes for the smartphones and other android devices, interacts with the voice along with the support of the keyboard.

It also surfs the internet along with the facility of alarm set up and can do the settings in your device. It also provides visual information to the user and gives the required form of support as needed.

How to Turn on Google Assistant

Here is the explained form of way in turning and selecting the google assistant in your device.

Method 1: Enable Google Assistant Using Google App

Step 1:

Firstly, open the google app, which is shown in the multi-coloured form of G icon on your home and before that, enable it from the settings option. Select the more options button, which demonstrated at the rightward side of the screen showing three dots form. After that, select the settings option given at the downside of the menu of more.

Step 2:

Now select the voice option, and it will show you the settings of voice in your device. Click on the voice match option, which given under the ok google. After that, switch on the button, which is given just after the accessing of the voice match option, which will allow you to get the assistant voice on your device.

Step 3:

After that, click on the voice retrain option, which is on the downward side of the model. It will recognize the sound of the person and will assist it. Now select the I Agree with an option, which is the blue coloured option on the rightward side. Now follow the given instructions by saying hey to the google, and it will listen and act to the voice. Now say ok to the google and word listening will appear there.

Method 2: Turn on Google Assistant Using Settings

Step 1:

Firstly, open the Google app shown on the screen of the home. Then select the more option, which demonstrated in the rightward to the corner side. It shows three dots option. Now select the settings option, which is just from the menu of more, which is as a gear look. Select the assistant of Google, which is at the downward of the list of settings. It shows the different forms of icons with a variety of sizes.

Step 2:

Now click on the personal info option, which shown at the upward side of the page. It will enable the users to access the complete information about them. Click on the nickname option, which is under it. It will tell google assistant the name which you enter there.

Step 3:

Click on the first given line, which says that what google assistant calls you and a pencil is also visible along with it. Type the name of yours there and play the button to hear your name from the google assistant. You can also record your name and can teach the assistant in recalling it.