How To Close Amazon Account – Step by Step Guide

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a website and application which was started mainly for shopping purpose, and its logo described what all it had. Its logo had arrow from a to z in name Amazon which signifies that this application has everything on board from a needle to likee every single thing you have a shop online. Recently this app came up with a lot of updates and upgrades. By upgrades, it means this app has come up with its very own personal movie, tv shows, series kind of app, music app, and an audible books app.

The hype of watching web series nowadays is crossing heights, and Amazon prime always comes into the mind whensoever it comes to web series, tv shows, and stuff. This app has reached a very long way that now they have their very own exclusive shows and round, and it is going all good. 

How To Close Amazon Account – Ultimate Guide

Now, if, in any case, you want to cancel your account from in there, in case you’re not enjoying using the apps or maybe want to do it for any unknown reason. 

Then to cancel your amazon account or amazon prime, now for prime.

Step 1:

First thing first, you gotta Go to ‘’ on a desktop or your device and sign in to your account. Using your login details.

Step 2:

You have to sign in to your amazon account before canceling it, and once you sign into it, then go over to the drop-down. You’ll find an option in the middle of the page saying prime membership, you have to click on that one, go up to manage membership press the drop-down. Tap on end membership, option and it gets ended.

Step 3:

Now to cancel your standard Amazon account. 


Deleting or canceling your standard Amazon accounts will erase all your purchase history, search history, saved, etc. Now there goes for two tabs where one asks you to cancel your account and the other one giving you sort of pros and cons for what’s going to happen if you cancel your account

In the case of cancellation, you’ve to click on the cancel account button. Press on “continue your chat, or we can call you”, either of the two and ask them, ‘please cancel my amazon account’ then may enquire the reason for why you wanna do it.

Eventually, after all the formalities, you have to click something that finalizes your membership here, further to which you’ll have to chat with someone to close your account for you. The complete process will take to close your amazon prime and your standard Amazon account.