How to HP Serial Number Lookup [Step by Step]

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Each of the products of HP has a unique form of identifying numbers in them. It is known as the serial number. Users must know this number when they have to speak with the support as well as the service of the product. Even at the time of determination of the product when it is under the warranty time.

How to HP Serial Number Lookup

Here are the different steps for different devices of how users can get the serial number in them.

Computers and Laptops Running on Windows

For the computers in HP, users can get the serial number in their Windows through the combinations of keys by pressing them.

Step 1

Use the combination of keys by pressing for the opening of the information in the window in the given system. In the laptops, by the use of a keyboard, press FN + Esc. In the desktop, or in Evry computers, press the keys of Ctrl + Alt + S.

Step 2

Now search for the serial number in the given opened Window. If the user finds that none of the information windows in the system opens there, then follow the following steps.

Step 3

In the given Windows, search for and open the Command Prompt there.

Step 4

When the command prompt window will occur on the screen, you have to type the wmic bios get serial number there and then Pres the Enter button.

HP Serial Number Lookup For Chromebook

For the HP Chromebooks, the HP serial number lookup can be taken from the Login screen.

Press the keys of Alt + V keys together.

All the information on the serial number, firmware version, operating system version, and even many more will be displayed there in the upward right side to the corner of the given screen. In the HP Chromebook, the serial number appears in about 10 digits.

From the Label of Computer

By searching for the outer part of the computer, the labelling is given of serial numbers as S/N or as SN. The number can be displayed on the label or on the surface of the product.

  • It can also be on the underside of the edges of the backside of the laptop.
  • Inside the compartment of the battery.
  • The underside of the stand of the computers.

HP Printers

The serial number of HP in the printers is on the side of the surface of them. If the users are in connection with the printer to the computer they can also take the use of HP software for the retrieving of the number.

By the label of Printer

Do the searching in the printer for the serial number in it. It may be written as the Serial No., SN, or the S/N on the given label in the printed form. Users may have to open the cartridge ink for the accessing of the area or the lid of the scanner to get the label to reveal there.

From the software of the Printer

Users can find the serial number by the use of HP Printer Assistant, HP laserJet software, or by the HP solution Center. If these are installed in the computer of the users then the accessing of the serial numbers will be easy from it.

HP Utility Printer Software on the MAC

Mac users can know the HP serial number lookup by the use of HP Utility Printer Software on the MAC devices easily.

Step 1

Firstly, open the Finger tab and then click on the Go option in the given menu bar at the upward side.

Step 2

Now, go to the Applications option. After that click on the HP folder there.

Step 3

Then, double click on the HP Utility.

Step 4

Do the selection of the printer model from the list of DEVICES.

Step 5

After that, do the double-clicking on the Device Information. The information of HP Utility Device of the window will open there and will display the information of the printer model which will include the serial number in it.

HP Monitors

The serial number in the HP Monitors is displayed with the display of an on-screen menu or can be at the outer part of the monitor.

If the monitor is in working form, then by the use of the menu buttons on monitor users can open the menu of on-screen. Then they have to do the selection of Information option. The serial number will be there displayed from the window of Information.

Wrapping Up

This article tells you how to HP serial number lookup is done. I hope this information made the readers understand about the serial number available in the HP devices. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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