How To Factory Reset A HP Laptop

If you are using this laptop and in case you forgot your password and you are not able to reset it or if your laptop gets frozen. f you want to reset your HP laptop to address various system issues but are unsure how to accomplish it, you should follow the instructions in the following information.

How To Factory Reset A HP Laptop

To restore your hp laptop at default settings.

Step 1:

You gotta have an external hard drive in order to save all your user data that is inside your laptop. That you are going to reset so you plug in the charger because. You don’t want to miss the process in between if in case your laptop runs out of battery.

Step 2:

For this procedure there are two “hot” keys, number one is the power button on the left side laptop keyboard and number two is the f11 button. That’s all you gotta have for the process.

Step 3:

Now firstly, you gotta hit the power button and after that. You gotta hit the f11, so power button and f11 and while you have hands on it, it’ll display on the screen to ‘please wait’ and after a moment three options will display on your screen for choosing the language.

Step 4:

Choose whatever language you are up to and then you gotta choose a keyboard. An outlet appears next on the screen after the language options, now you gotta select the keyboard layout and then proceed further.

Step 5:

There you will get three more options that say to choose an option exit and continue to windows, troubleshoot, refresh or reset your PC.

Else use advanced tools or turn off your PC you gotta use the troubleshoot option, press enter, and have four sub-options. Arrive to refresh your PC, reset your PC, recovery manager, and advanced options.

Step 6:

You gotta choose the option on the second which is to reset your PC, which will further display what will happen when you choose this option, that is all your personal files and applications.

Will be removed and your PC settings will be changed back to default, so you gotta hit next. Choose the target operating system to whichever you want to reset or may it be windowed by default.

Step 7:

It further gives you options to either remove your files or fully clean the drive, you gotta choose to remove your files. And after that, it will display that your PC is ready to go. Just hit enter and you gotta wait for a while and it will reset your PC to 100% and you are good to go.

Well, after reading this article you know how they can factory reset your PC and get it back to its default settings where it is all new and you can now have new files and settings according to your requirements.

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