How to Make a Picture Transparent in Powerpoint

Searching for the steps of how to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint? Let’s have a discussion on the required steps for it.

Users can easily make a picture half or fully transparent in the slide of the presentation in their Microsoft PowerPoint. It can be performed in both Mac as well as in Windows. If the users have Windows with them, they can do the filling of the shape with the picture and adjust the transparency of it. If they have Mac, then none of the extra elements are needed for it. Though mobile versions don’t support such features to their users.

How to Make a Picture Transparent in Powerpoint

Here are the steps explained in making the picture transparent in your Microsoft PowerPoint:-

Procedure 1: By the use of Windows

Step 1

Begin with the opening of the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation from the Start button. Open a new slide from it or any of the saved document from the given files.

Step 2

Now click on the tab of Insert which is available at the upward side. It is available at the upward of panel of the toolbar of the window app. It will open the Insert tools in the toolbar on your screen.

Step 3

After that, go to the shapes option and click it. It is available at the Insert toolbar. It appears like a circle button, like a square, along with the diamond in the section of models of the panel of Insert. Also, How will do the opening of the menu of the required shapes.

Step 4

Now do the selection of the type of shape you want to insert there. It will give the allowance of adding the shape of the selected form to the given slide in any type of proportion as well as the slide. Select the shape which you exactly want to add there. The need for a standard rectangle or the shape of the circle will be there for it.

Step 5

After that, click and then hold and afterward drag the mouse on the slide of the given presentation.  It will do the creation of it and will also add the new shape in the slide.

Step 6

Tap on the tab of Format on the given toolbar. It is located at the upward side of the panel of the toolbar at the selection of the shape.

Step 7

Click on the Shape Fill there on the panel of Format. It is on the list which is next to the paint bucket icon in the given section of the Shape Styles in the toolbar Format. A menu will occur thereof the color and fill options in it.

Step 8

Do the selection of the picture on the given fill menu shape. It is available on the downward side of the menu. It will open the options of pictures in the pop up of a new one.

Step 9

Now select the option of From a file from the menu there. It will allow the users for selecting the file of the image from their PCs and then it will be added to the slide. The inserting of the picture as a form of shape fill will adjust the transparency as per the requirement.

Step 10

After that, select the picture which you want to add there.

Step 11

Do the right-clicking on the picture in the given shape. It will open the options on the given menu.

Step 12

Click on the format picture on the menu of right-click. It will do the opening of options of formatting of the given app window.

Step 13

Now, click on the paint bucket icon which is available at the menu of Format picture. It is at the upward side of the left of the panel of Format.

Step 14

Search the transparency slider below the heading of Fill.

Step 15

Now, click and do the dragging of the transparency slider. It will allow the manual adjusting of the transparency level.

Step 16

Do the right click on the picture given in the slide. The option will occur on the screen.

Step 17

After that, select the Outline in the given options.

Step 18                                                                     

At last, do the selection of the No Outline in the given menu. It will do the deleting of the shape outline which is around the edges of the given picture.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made understand the readers about making transparent the picture in PowerPoint. Give us feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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