Why Bingo and Consoles Keep Getting Better and Better

Constant Progression and Innovation – Why Bingo and Consoles Keep Getting Better and Better

In the rapid evolution of the gaming industry, certain sectors often get left behind if they fail to move with the times. When consoles first came about, for example, they captured a market that arcade machines couldn’t access – gaming at home. Game developers had to transition to the new medium quickly or cease to exist. The offshoots of the gaming industry which constantly innovate are the ones most likely to succeed. Here are two sectors which have done extremely well over the years.



There was a time when bingo was at risk of being forgotten about. Bingo halls across the world were declining throughout the 2000s, and some speculated that their glory days were coming to an end. This wasn’t to be, though, and through some clever innovations, the industry actually came out of its slump stronger than ever before. It made the transition to the online world seamlessly, with traditional bingo games still working in a digital format. But developers realized that other changes needed to be made, and created modern versions of bingo to accompany the classics.

Over a decade since the first online bingo site came about, the question is, what is the best online bingo? Most people who play at online bingo sites would answer that the best one nowadays is one that offers the most varied range of games. This may include classic 90-ball games, modern themed bingo rooms, and online slots.


Consoles have arguably been the biggest innovators in the gaming industry for the longest time, and have existed in one form or another since the late 1970s. There has been fierce competition in the industry for the last four decades. And because of the fact that so many different companies have strived to be the number one console manufacturer, it has helped to keep innovations and developments coming thick and fast.

Companies that have failed to keep up with all the advancements have been left behind, with Atari being a notable example. Even Sega, one of the early industry leaders, has fallen by the wayside. Sony and Microsoft are the two giants of the console industry because they have released a new generation approximately every six years, and each updated model is a vast improvement on the one that preceded it.

New versions of the Xbox and PlayStation are set for release at the end of 2020, and they are expected to be massive upgrades on the PS5 and Xbox One. Both companies are looking into incorporating more virtual reality elements this time, and there is likely to be a big focus on cloud gaming. When these new consoles are released, the current generation will quickly seem outdated. This is how the console industry keeps getting better.

The bingo and console sectors have proven that if companies don’t keep up to date with technological advancements, they can easily get left behind. The businesses that do survive are the ones that constantly seek to innovate and improve. This has helped boost these sectors massively and suggests that they will continue going strong for many years.