What Is Relative Cell Reference In Excel 

Are you also looking for an answer to the question of what is relative cell reference in Excel? Then here you are in the right place. Because here we are going to explain to you about the relative cell reference. Also, we will help you know how to switch between different cells in excel using various symbols.

We will let you know what is the use of different symbols in excel. It is important to know the use of different symbols and special characters in Excel before asking what is relative cell reference in ExcelAs we all know that Microsoft Excel is amazing software. Excel is one of the tools contained in Microsoft Office Package. We all know that excel is used for spreadsheets.

We make spreadsheets, balance sheets, balance charts, etc. in Microsoft Excel. But you won’t believe that there are a lot of things in Excel that we don’t know. But here, we are not going to explain to you more about the advanced things but we are going to tell you more about the basic things. 

What is Cell Reference in Excel?

Before knowing the Relative Cell Reference, let us explain what is cell reference. Cell reference in Microsoft office’s part of MS Excel. When we refer a cell in another cell then it is called Cell Reference.

It is important because when we are going to use formulas or functions of excel we need to refer to a cell and it’s value. Now there are a lot of ways of a cell reference. We refer to a cell and it’s value in different ways such as A1, $A1, $A$1, A$1, etc. All of these reference styles are different. 

  1. Absolute Cell Reference 
  2. Relative Cell Reference

Symbol of Dollar ($) Plays a Significant Role

A sign of $ plays a very important and significant role in the cell reference. Because it depends upon $ that what kind of cell reference it is. If we know about the difference between both type of cell references then we can easily understand that which reference format will be suitable for our requirement. Placement of $ in cell reference means a lot.

Relative Cell Reference 

A relative cell reference is easily identified because it is the only reference style that doesn’t use any symbol. Simply it uses the two objects, one is the alphabet of the column and the digit of rows. Yes if we write a cell name as B2, C4 or D5, etc. Then this cell reference is called relative cell reference. Because it doesn’t use any special character such as $, which is used by other cell reference types. 

How Relative Cell Reference is Different From Other

We know that relative cell reference doesn’t use any symbol such as the sign of the dollar. But how it is different from other reference types in use. How it is different in use and where we can use it. If we want to use only single-cell reference in an excel formula then we can use a relative cell reference.

Because we don’t have to copy the value of the cell further. So the value and the name and the reference of the cell will not change. But if we are going to copy the formula in some other cells and the reference list is going to increase then it means it’s value, name, and reference will change. So we cannot use the relative cell reference here. 

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