How to Play Hello Neighbor – Ultimate Guide

So how to play hello neighbor? Are you in search for the understanding of Hello Neighbor game? Then you are on the right page. Here we give the whole basics for Hello Neighbor. Let’s begin with the information about Hello Neighbor.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello, Neighbor is the game in which players are given tasks with the basement of the neighbor’s house. It occurs in a mysterious way and is of a great extension. The neighbor is vigilant to get the traps, systems, and various alarms. It includes the advanced form of artificial intelligence by the actions of the players. Also, it is much interesting to play. It comes with a guide that explains how to go in deep and escape from the neighbor’s house.

How to Play Hello Neighbor

Here are some of the topics that will explain how to play Hello Neighbor.

Tips for starting of Hello Neighbor

  • If you get a sound of disturbance along with the darkness of the screen, then these are some signs. For getting safe, run towards the house, it will be safest among all. The neighbor can attack while you run from there.
  • When you will enter the house of neighbors move carefully in all the rooms by using the information there.
  • Only four slots are allowed to carry there at one time. Getting previous items are also necessary at that time to take care of. Hide the items that are much valuable and keep them safe in your house.

Requirements for Hello Neighbor

You will need the following systems to go along with Hello Neighbor

  • RAM- It requires 6 GB RAM to run the gaming.
  • HDD – It should be of 2 GB in total.
  • CPU- About 2.5 GHz Intel Core processor should be there.
  • OS – Windows of about 64 bit
  • GPU- About 2GB of Geforce will be there for processing of the game.

It should be of High Screen resolution with proper management of settings.

It will take mouse and keyboard for controlling the game.

Red and green key in Hello Neighbor

  • For obtaining the red key, you have to move towards the room. It is the one which contains an umbrella and a crowbar. Through your shoe on it to get the visibility of things on it. It will get the red key on your hand. Pick it up and move further. Move more forward and then get the tracking of the car. Put the boxes along with the armchair to get the front view of it. Jump to the lamp. It will show you the various information to jump on the key. Select the location for that. Your character will jump up as per the command.


  • Go to rooms for the tracking while jumping on the branches. Don’t get it touched by boxes. Make a tower there to continue further. When you will see inside the room the green key is visible there. Move towards the door and then get out of the room.

How to Play Hello Neighbor

Silver Key in Hello Neighbor

This is a very essential and unique thing in Hello Neighbor. It was there in the stage of Alpha in the beginning. Now the basic keys in place of this are green, red, and access key.

How to start the Hello Neighbor

  • The beginning starts with the role of an inhabitant of the house of suburban. He is in the suspecting when he saw the Moby book.
  • After that, he is in research for sneaking the cellar of his neighbor. He has to be very alert with all the treats and keeping it private at any cost.
  • This is an actionable game with the mechanic version in primary form. It is also the advanced form of artificial intelligence that makes him understand the various actions. He can also get the moves of the future in a quick way.
  • The detection time is the only level for the completion of the game. It is the time which has made it even much complicated. The players have to choose the path when they try to get the neighbor of the past.
  • The arming of the traps with escaping of the prevention of the obstacles and windows are the way of coming out.

Wrapping up

I hope this was much informative and useful to you. Also, don’t forget to give the feedback down below. Go further for more topics understanding.

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