How To Make Rock Candy – Complete Steps

Wonder, how to make rock candy? Rock candies are so much fun to look at, and they are perfect for satisfying those sweet tooth toffee cravings, for decorating cakes and whatnot. Rock candies are like the king in the world of coffee. These are readily available too. But if you don’t get them or want in a specific flavor that you’re not able to find in a store or somewhere, don’t worry. You can make one for your own with very minimum ingredients.

All you want is some granulated sugar, some water, some edible food color, and artificial flavoring and some wood sticks or maybe popsicle sticks. Now before everything, the food color and flavoring are completely optional up to the fact how you want it. If you want your candy to be colorful or flavored with a specific flavor, then only you have to add it, or else you may not. The sugar will make your candy-sweet and edible and yummy.

Things Required To Make Rock Candy

To make the rock candy you must have these things.

One cup of water in proportion with three cups of sugar so that it is perfect.

Procedure To Make Rock Candy – Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing you must do is, take a pan and pour the cup of water you made in it and place it on the stove to bring it to boil at a temperature of approx 100 degrees or nearby.

Step 2:

Now once the water is boiling, turn down the flame slightly, and then with installments of half cups, you must add the granulated sugar to the boiling water that is still on the stove.

Step 3:

Keep adding the water gradually till three cups and keep mixing it to saturate it inside the water, which is the primary process for a rock candy to be formed. Keep stirring and adding the sugar until it dissolves completely.

Step 4:

Once it dissolved completely, the mixture will become slightly translucent and thick, which will be the sign of complete dissolution of three cups of sugar into one cup of water.

Step 5:

Now once it is done, you must set it aside for 15 minutes to let it cool.

Step 6:

Till the time it is getting chilly, you have to set up where the rock candy will be going. That is, you have to give a specific surface to the rock candy to grow in.

Step 7:

You must take the popsicle or wooden stick and dip it in some water so that it becomes wet, and then you have to roll it up in some extra sugar. Once you roll the wet stick to the sugar, tap all the excess off, which will give the rock candy a surface to grow. Please do the same to all the sticks, and then set them aside to dry.

Step 8:

Now until the sticks are getting dried up and the mixture is getting cold, in case you want flavoring and color to your rock candy, you have to prepare for that.

Step 9:

In that case, take separate glasses of water for every color you want. Next up, you can add flavorings to the colored ones and the neon-colored ones, depending on how you want them to be.

Step 10:

Now take glasses almost one fourth filled with water and then add the respective colors and flavoring combinations you want to add.

Step 11:

You must take the mixture, it won’t cool down entirely but would cool down a bit so, take the mixture and pour in the same glasses you added the colors and flavoring to.

Step 12:

Once you add the mixture inside the glass, then stir it to mix up all the color and flavor. Now pour the mixture in each glass you took with the flavors and everything.

Step 13:

Lastly, to set them up, you must take large cloth pegs or maybe the regular ones with a hole in them.

Step 14:

Taking them now puts the stick in the center of the glass, making sure that it doesn’t touch the bottom.

Step 15:

You must feel the bottom and bring it a bit up from there and then clip it with the cloth peg using the hole it has and keep it above the glass in a horizontal way to give it support.

Step 16:

Now using a cloth peg is not mandatory at all, but it is usually available everywhere. In case you don’t have it, you have to find something which can be used as a support for your stick so that it stays in the right place.

Step 17:

After placing up all the sticks in the glasses or say jars, now you must leave these to set for already a period of two to three hours to grow. It is the basic science of crystallization and nothing else.

Step 18:

Now, after the period of keeping them undisturbed for a few days and weeks, it’ll set entirely in the glass and won’t be easy to take out all. You have to take the cloth peg off, and then as the surface is hard, you must break it using a butter knife or a palette knife.

Step 19:

Make sure you don’t break it by the stick, and once you break it, pour the excess of the solution out of the glass.
Now what will be left will be the candy that has formed.

Step 20:

To take it out, all you have to do is, pour some hot water at the bottom of the glass in which the candy is stuck and keep trying to get it out of the glass.

Wrapping Up

After this, you will get your rock candy out and ready to eat, and this is all you must do to make your rock candy at your home.

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