How to Restart iPhone 11 – Step by Step Guide

Wondering how you can restart iPhone 11. Here you go with the information and steps for it

You might get stuck with your iPhone as how you can reset it. It may give you a feeling of irritation and can also result in a waste of time. For that, there are many ways in which you can reset your iPhone. You can either reset or force restart your iPhone. It will erase the data and factory settings and will also restore the backup in iCloud.

How to Restart iPhone 11

Here are the steps which will explain to you in the restarting of your iPhone.

Procedure 1: By factory Reset

Step 1

Firstly, open the settings option. It appears grey in color and is available on your home screen.

Step 2

Now, click on your Apple ID. You will find this at the upward side of the menu which includes your image and name. Make sure you are signed before on your device. Leave this step if you have the older version of the iPhone.

Step 3

Click on the iCloud option. It is visible in the section of the second one on the menu.

Step 4

Move more to the downwards side and click on the iCloud backup option. It is there at the section in the bottom. Move it to the on position if you find it off.

Step 5

Click on the back up now option which is there at the downward side of the screen. Give some moment till the backup completes. For backing up your phone, make sure you are in connection to the Wi-Fi.

Step 6

Click on the iCloud option. It is there on the upward left side of your screen. It will allow you to go to the settings of the iCloud page.

Step 7

Now go to the Apple ID. It is visible on the upward side of the page. This will take you to the page of Apple ID. Leave this step if you are an older version of iOS.

Step 8

Click on the Settings option. It is on the upward corner side of the left.

Step 9

Move a little down and click on the general tab. It is there visible near the upward side of the menu.

Step 10

Click on the reset option. It is visible on the downward side of the menu.

Step 11

Go to erase all contents and settings. You will find it near the upward side of the page.

Step 12

Now enter the passcode. It will enable you to unlock the phone. If it asks then give the passcode of registration.

Step 13

Tap the option of erasing the iPhone. It will do the resetting of all the settings and will also erase the data and media on the iPhone.

Step 14

Go for the following of prompts of onscreen to get the setting of your iPhone. The configuration will be the same when it was left before. While performing the setup, it will ask you to do the restoring the phone from the backup of iCloud. You can also add data and media there.

Procedure 2: By Force Restart

Step 1

You firstly have to do the checking that your phone can be shut down in a normal way or not.  It is only the left way to perform if the device is not giving any response to the user. For this, click on the power button and hold it till the slide to power app occurs.

Step 2

Hold the restart button. Do this if you find that your iPhone can’t be shut down easily.

Step 3

Keep holding buttons of power. Do this for at least 10 seconds till the logo of the apple appears on the screen. When it occurs there, leave the power button.

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To be Noted:

If the situation occurs that you may forget the passcode of restrictions, then it is restored by iTunes. For that, sign in to the website of iCloud and select the option to find my iPhone. Choose your device and then erase for resetting.

If you forget the iPhone passcode, for the settings, then recovery will be by connecting to the computer. For that, use your iTunes app for resetting it.

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