How To Convert Heic to Jpg on Mac and Windows

The best feature of conversion of the image is perfect in converting from heic to jpg. As if you see that the apple has the best form of devices along with the storage of photos, they have also started the new type of formatting the images in a higher kind of efficient way. It is also best for the saver of space in it for the mac users.

This format also enables the users to store multiple forms of photos in your device. It is also compatible and easy to use. But although with such features, it is not much extendible as JPG is because of which the situation comes in converting it. 

How To Convert HEIC to JPG

Therefore, such here are various methods which needed to follow for the conversion of Heic to jpeg in mac:-

How To Convert Heic to Jpg on Mac

If the device of yours is a high revolution or Mac formation, then it id both the viewing of them along with the files of heic their photos on the given system of yours. By such installation with the picture extensions from the given store, you have to open it in your mac, and the link of the required code will be delivered to you along with it. 

Here are the steps with such forms:-

Step 1:

Firstly, open the finder option after which select the folder where the heic photos are stored. Then select the images that are needed to be converted to jpeg by you. 

Step 2:

Go to the right side on the photos you’ve selected along with it, after which, open preview option with photos which are given as per the form. 

Step 3:

After the selection of such photos, it will open them in the preview option and then select the edit button after selecting all of it. Then choose the file button after which go to the exporting of the selected images, which will transport them. 

Step 4:

Now select the Options button and then click on the jpeg from the given menu, which needs to choose as the photos from the given format. 

Step 5:

As you can see that the image has changed as per the changes done by you, and the image automatically saved in the required location where it previously has done. 

How To Convert HEIC To JPG on Windows

• You can convert such images in your windows too. In it, you have to install the app of heic extensions of a model from the store of Microsoft and can get the utilities changed from heic to jpeg, which will be best converted here along with it. It is the compatible one which can take along with the PC version for it. 

• If you do not need the converter tool, then the storage of the cloud or any format which is supported by image can be installed and can change along with it. Also, the app of heic converter comes in android which is useful for Android devices.