How to Use Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the best platform that offers the free form of service through the web by which teachers can be easily connected with their students online. If any of the situations occur where classes cannot attended or any of the issues, google classroom offers the right way of teaching the students online. It allows the teachers to create, form, and also provide assignments to the students without the use of pen and paper. It can easily connect with the PC or Mac for running this form. It releases the easy way of teaching, which mostly used in the given era.

Here are the given methods which need to be followed by users to get easy access in online teaching:-

Google Classroom

How To Create A Google Classroom

Step 1:

Firstly, go to the website if google classroom from your browser. It can easily open from any device of Mac or PC. If the signing of the google account not done, then you have to select the email address that is connected with your Google account and add it. Now after opening it, select the plus option, which shown at the upper side of the screen. It will show a menu there.

Android: Google Play Store

Step 2:

Now select the creating of class, which shown as the second one in the given menu. After that, choose the box of tick option and then continue it. It displayed on the downward side of the page. For the connecting done with your students, you have to sign in with your school information. After that, enter the name of your class in the given first line as it is the required information by the teacher.

Step 3:

Select all the form and fill it step by step and then click on the create button. The next given few lines are of free type. It will require a few moments to create a class for you. Now go to the got it an option, and a notice will occur there showing about the additional classroom to you. Click the stream option, and it will display various info about the students and their grades with basic info.

How To Join Google Classroom Using Shared Link

Step 1:

Firstly, open the google chrome option, and then you have to sign in to your classroom by using the browser of Google. After that, select the plus option shown on the given side to create a new form. It will access the sign-in option. After this, go to the unique tab selection offered at the rightward bottom of your page. There may also be a situation where you have not even signed in with your school info. For that, click on the name of yours and fill the required form.

Step 2:

After all such procedures, go to the website of google classroom. Enter the URL of it in the given bar and click on the enter button. The page will take you to the class, and the teachers will connect to you. If you are a fresh user of this, then select the account of Google and then select the continue option with the given further instructions.