How to Delete a Discord Server Guide

This is a comprehensive guide based on how to delete a Discord Server with complete step by step institutions.

Setting up a new discord service is quite a hard job for almost everyone. Well, you may not have a massive community to moderate. instead of hosting some of your own Discord Friends in one place.

This can easily be switched when you move to the larger discord community when moderation becomes more important and necessary become of the internet scammers. 

Fortunately, with the help of some advanced Moderation tools such as bots, the process of moderation becomes quite easy for most of us.

However, it still required the time commitment that most of may not have along with that some of you also have other issues related to the discord server such as privacy concerns or bad streaming bitrate etc. 

If you fed with the discord server and wanted to transfer it to the other user or wanted to permanently shut down.

In this case, if you wanted to how to delete a discord service without having an extra hassle. Then this short how-to article carries all the step-by-step instructions you need to know for deleting the discord server within a few minutes. 

Delete A Discord Server | Step by Step Instructions

Here are going to show you can delete any discord server from your discord account if you wanted to permanently delete it.

We you’re confident enough that deleting the discord service is the right option for you then follow the below steps carefully. 

PC or Mac Process To Delete Discord Server:

Step 1: 

Go to using the web browser from your PC or Mac. After this sign in to your Discord account. 

Step 2: 

Once successfully login, in the server itself, tap on the Server name and select the server settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: 

Now from the Discord Server Settings menu options. Select the Delete Server option given at the bottom of the web page.

Step 4: 

To successfully delete the discord server in the last step you need to confirm that you wanted to delete the server by typing the full name of the server and after that tap Delete Server to confirm.

Note Thing before deleting the discord server because you cannot able to reverse the action once it is done you cannot restore the server back to your Discord account.

After deleting the server all the members including yourself cannot able to access the server any longer. 

Discord App Process To Delete Discord Server:

If you’re using the Discord app on your Android or iOS device and wanted to delete a discord server from your personal phone without accessing the computer.

Then in this case you needed to follow the below step-by-step instructions.

Yes, you can also delete the discord server from the Discord App however the same rules are also applied here once you delete the server you cannot restore again or access it. 

Follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to delete the discord service using the Discord App.

Step 1: 

Go to the Discord App on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: 

Once the Discord Application opened. Tap on the Hamburger icon menu given at the top left corner of the application.

Step 3: 

Now you’re in the Menu Panel. After selecting the Discord Server that you wanted to delete. Once you are active on your server simply tap on the 3 dots menu available next to the name of your server.

Step 4: 

The Menu will display at the bottom of the application screen. Now Tap on the Settings gear icon to access the Discord Server Settings options.

Step 5: 

In the Discord Server Settings, again tap on the 3 dots menu given at the right top corner of the application. The pop-up menu will appear and you need to select “Delete Server” to start the server deleting process. 

Step 6: 

To permanently delete a Discord Server you needed to confirm when the pop window appears with the message “are you sure you wanted to delete Test Server”. Select “Yes” to delete the server permanently.

Once confirmed the Discord Server will be deleted within a few seconds and all the members including yourself no longer be able to access the Discord Server.

How To Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server

Deleting a discord server is not a good option most of the time. If you have any discord friends you want to take over the server you wanted to delete.

Then you can easily transfer the ownership of the discord server to anyone such as your discord friend within a few minutes. 

After transferring the ownership of the Discord Server to any user you provide that user the right to change, edit, and moderate the server which means full control over the discord server same as you.

This also means that you no longer have the complete control over the discord server 

Well in case you don’t know the proper process or steps to transfer the discord server then don’t follow the below-given step-by-step instructions to understand the complete process without having a hassle.

Step 1:

Go to the Discord App or website then and perform the sign-in using your login credentials. 

Step 2: 

Once you’ll perform the login successfully then tap on the Discord Server name from the list. After this press the Server Settings options.

Step 3: 

Now go to the Discord Server Settings Menu and then press the Members option given on the left side of the screen. Under the User Management category. 

Step 4: 

In the next window, you’ll be able to see the list of the server members. Now go to the user name and hover over the username. After this press the three dots menu icon given on the right. 

Step 5:

When you’ve accessed the menu options press the Transfer Ownership option.

Step 6:

Discord asks you to confirm that want to transfer the ownership. If you are sure you wanted to click the slider then tap on the Transfer Ownership key to confirm it.

After completed, all the six steps the new owner of the Discord Server is listed on the Discord Member list with a crown next to the username.

Well, your remaining access to the Discord Server depends on the roles you had prior to the ownership transfer. 

Alternatives To The Discord:

After deleting the Discord Server it cannot be reversed. If you haven’t deleted the Discord Server in this case make sure you go for the alternatives.

Such as Transfering the Ownership to any other Discord Member. Moreover, once you delete the Discord Server you cannot restore it. 

So it’s best to go for some of the Discord Alternatives such as Slack which is best suited in terms of the features you get in the Discord.

Well creating the Slack Account is easy you can easily able to create Slack Servers allows you to make slack calls and send private messages to your friends and family members. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to delete discord server with complete information.

How do I delete a server on discord mobile?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to delete the Discord Server on your Mobile Phone.

1. Discord is now open.
2. The three-line menu icon should be tapped.
3. Select the server you wish to destroy and press the Delete button.
4. The three-dot menu symbol should be tapped.
5. Go to the Settings tab.
6. Tap the three-dot menu icon again.
7. Tap Delete Server again and again until the server is gone.

Why can’t I delete my discord server?

You can delete a Discord server via the app’s server settings, but you may be required to input a six-digit authentication code as well. A Discord server’s owner is the only person who may delete it, regardless of user roles or settings. Both the desktop and mobile apps allow you to delete a Discord server.

How do you delete a 6 digit Discord server?

Look at the very bottom of the page overview; there is a “remove server” option, which you should select. A confirmation prompt will appear on the pop-up screen. To confirm that you wish to go ahead with the process, click yes. It will ask for the six-digit authentication code if you have already enabled two-factor authentication.

How do I delete a Discord server without being an owner?

In order to delete any Discord Server without being an owner, you need to follow these steps.

1. Go to the server’s location.
2. To access the sidebar, swipe right.
3. Tap the three vertical dots next to the server name.
4. Go to the Settings tab.
5. Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
6. Select Delete Server from the menu.
7. Enter your two-factor authentication code or confirm the server’s name.
8. To confirm, tap Delete.

What is a Discord server?

Discord is a group-chatting software that was originally created for gamers but has now grown to be used by a wide range of communities. Discord is broken down into servers, each with its own set of members, topics, rules, and channels.

Hopefully, you find this short guide useful to know the entire guide for deleting the Discord Server without having a hassle.

Moreover, this article also carries more useful information regarding the Discord Server such as how you can transfer the ownership of your Discord Server. 

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