Change Name On Tinder – Step by Step Guide

Wondering, how to change name on Tinder!

What is Tinder App?

Tinder is an app used worldwide by teenagers and youngsters and even adults who want to meet people their age of any specific gender and specific sexuality. Either for meetups, hookups, friendships, relationships, either casual ones or even serious ones.

This app follows a concept of you having your I’d with your photos and stuff and a bio that describes you in the least and possible words so as for someone to decide. Whether they like you by your looks and the bio that explains you. Not only bio but your words, your personality. Even your user name says a lot about you as a person’s character shows up in every way they express themselves.

What is Tinder For?

The tinder works upon a similar principle as it gives you a few moments to analyze somebody by their appearance and the words they have used to show yourself and then. Swipe right or swipe left accordingly. So the answer the question of what is tinder for? In simple its a dating app.

Where swipe right means that the person is interested in knowing the other one and swipe left is a sign of dislike, signifying that the person is not involved in the other person.

Now considering swiping lefts and rights, an actual match happens when both the people simultaneously swipe right for each other that is in other words. Both the individuals like each other and want to take it further in the form of either friendship or relationship or a random hook up eventually. Which is their call in whatever way they want to do it?

How To Change Name on Tinder?

Tinder takes a subscription, once you get into a match so that you can chat further and take it forward.

Now using tinder is very easy as you have to download the app firstly. Login to it using either your phone number or Facebook I’d, and then by adding your username and bio and pictures and then just get started.

If you want to change your name, that is your user name, which will display as your name on your profile, you have to follow specific steps.

Step 1:

Unfortunately, this task can not be performed on the tinder app itself, that is. Your username cannot be changed on the tinder itself.

Step 2:

But what you have to do is, log in tinder with your Facebook so that you can change your Facebook setting, and in twenty-four hours, they will show up on tinder.

Step 3:

Now if your I’d is not logged in with Facebook then, you would not have any other choice of changing your user name other than, going to settings of your tinder profile, scrolling down and deleting your account permanently and then creating a whole new account with a unique user name.

Step 4:

It is better to have your account tied up with Facebook, as any change in your Facebook details would show up to your tinder profile.

Hence, this is the only way to change your display or username.

Wrapping Up!

Basically, how to change name on Tinder is not that hard after all. Moreover, if you also thinking to change age on the tinder app. In this case, just allow the above steps to the Profile on Tinder and edit it.

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