10 Websites For Online SMS Send & Receive For Free

In this modern world, you don’t need a phone to send or receive text messages. Well, currently there are lots of web applications available on the internet with the help of them you can use them as an online SMS receive service.

In this article, we have listed some of the receive SMS online free without paying money to any mobile carrier. All need is a stable internet connection and a device to access the internet.

1. Free Online Phone

FreeOnlinePhone is the best resource, this is the perfect site. It is truly free for use and allows users to receive text messages in the online form. There is full customer support 24/7. It covers 228 countries in the SMS coverage of global form. It is easiest to access here.

Online SMS Receive

Users can easily do the selection of any type of number which they want to use on this site and for the receiving of SMS. A big disadvantage here is that most of the time phone numbers may not access. Do the replacement of it in an immediate form.

2. Receive Free SMS Online

This site ReceviceFreeSMS has offered public phone numbers of about 10 from the eight countries for receiving online SMS.

Name of the countries is Sweden, the USA, Australia, Norway, Spain, Hungary, and Lithuania. With the use of this site, users can easily use phone numbers in luxurious forms.

receive sms online

The disadvantage here is that it is unreliable in most kinds. Users can check only three times other than the listed forms of 10 here on this site. Services are in actuality the medium type which means they only perform the things asked. It is easy for accessing this site and is free for users.

3. Sellaite SMS Receiver

This website of Sellaite SMS Receiver has the host country of Estonia and offers services of various forms. It appears as a faster type for the taking of offline numbers and then to be replaced with the forms of working numbers.

It is in service for many years. Also, it helps the users to work with reliability.

sms receive

The three numbers together will work much better here and will also receive the messages within the time limit of ten seconds. The best feature here is messaging invoice which is based on the verification of the phone.

The stop, as well as the play buttons, are there at the bar of the title with the playback of voice.

4. TextNow

If the users want the free as well as the reliable form of the phone number that is private and can receive the SMS in online form then TextNow is better for that.

After the signing of the free account, it will automatically give the unique number to the user as it has various advantages which is the best to have.

sms online

The disadvantage here is that the main problem in common form is that users may receive the error message of the generic type. It says something went wrong at the time when they do the signing of the account.

Please try again will pop up on the screen when the users will attempt at the time of signing there.

5. Receive-SMS.com

The best probably for receiving online SMS is Receive-SMS.com. They perform the boosting of 6 numbers which are three from the country the UK and the other three from Sweden.

The greatest advantage here is that the messages that are sent to the phone numbers in public forms will be shown directly on the website.

receive sms

As when the browser refreshes users can easily subscribe the numbers to the private form when they want to see the message in the box of private. There are in actuality none of the disadvantages available on all of the lines. It is perfectly accessible in an easy form.

6. FreePhoneNum

FreePhoneNum has a selection of sizeable numbers of about twenty-seven that are from two of the countries. Canada has about six and The United States includes twenty-one.

The test was there for the US in five along with the Canadian numbers of three for the random type and the receiving of all will be done within a few moments.

sms receiver

The sending of text messages is there when the users will send about five messages to the numbers of Canada each day. There is also the service of voice calls for free on this website where users can easily use speakers or a microphone for the phone call.

7. Pinger TextFree

Pinger TextFree is the best source for online texting. The best advantage here is that it gives the registration issues an alternative to the search for a good type of VPN or proxy service.

Anyone here can easily for the signing up and then use it for free. All just they have to do is to get the registration completed and then get the validity of the US Postal Code.

online sms

It can be easily obtained through the search of Google. At the time of signing up, it will give the introduction to various types of phone numbers in America. Users can easily select the type of number as per their choice.

8. Sms-Online.Com

This is the fabulous website SMS-Online that can be for the use of receiving text messages in the online form which users can keep as the actual phone number. It gives full encouragement about the selection of the number from the various lists of the required service. It is free to use.

free sms online

The main disadvantage here is that it is the domain server in a secondary form that gives the prevention of the services at any time. It is easy to access and the best one to use. The use of a real phone number is not there of any kind.

9. Messagebird

Messagebird is the online messaging forum made for the sending of SMS online which is used by the top brands of Dominos, Levi’s, and even many more. Users have required the signing up on the website for getting access to the services.

The pricing policies here are a bit different for customers which are based on the preference of the packages.

receive free sms

It is best useful for people who are managing their business and want various customers for them. It gives mobile marketing services along with the speech through SMS or Email for conversions. The disadvantage here is that it is not that good for casual types of conversations.

10. Receive SMSS

The services that ReceviceSMSS here are much more reliable and the fastest and the delivery of the text is done within time of 10 seconds.

Users can easily send here text messages through the website of this. Moreover, the website has more useful features like temporary phone numbers, inactive numbers, etc.


It gives the unlimited service of messages along with the SMS chat option. Users can also customization the chats by wallpapers which they can download for it. Services here are much fast.

The disadvantage here is that access here is only available in India. It is the best one for receiving online SMS texts.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

Can Google send SMS?

You can send a text message with one or more phone numbers using the Google Voice website. A text message sent to a non-Google Voice number that is longer than 160 characters is sent in numerous messages. Note: Five- and six-digit “short code” numbers cannot be texted.

How can I send 1000 SMS at a time?

Use GetItSMS, a website, to accomplish this. You can do this to send several messages at once. Utilizing the easy way SMS website is an additional option. Additionally, this enables free online sending of 1000 SMS at once.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand how they can get the SMS service for free online through various websites. Tell us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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