7 Open Source Library Software in 2021

Library Software contains types of programming codes that used to develop any program or application. The software is built to assist both the programmer and the programming compiler in developing any other software.

We’ve gathered some of the best open-source library software for our readers. Just have a look at these library database software open source for you.

Open Source Library Software


 library catalog software

Koha library software is one of the best open-source library software. Because the software provides the most effective open source automation solution. Its free open source library software that has all the features that you found on other open-source library management software.


  • Simple Interface (easy to use).
  • Add Families  Along With Extensive Permissions For Employ Accounts
  • Export And Import Libraries
  • SIP2 configuration Along With OPAC

Website: www.koha.org

Price: Free Version

2. Evergreen

 open source library software mac

The Evergreen is also a great ILS library system that has many resources like DokuWiki. The software is used by more than 2000+ libraries around the world. The Evergreen Project was initiated by the Georgia Public Library System in 2006 to provide better information and scalable catalogue shared by other libraries.


  • It has Acquisitions, Command line admin.
  • 24 / 7 customer service support
  • Evergreen Roadmap
  • Evergreen Wiki

Website: https://evergreen-ils.org

Price: Free Version

3. DSpace

free Open Source Library Software

The DSpace is a leading software because it has the largest community of users and developers across the world. The best feature of it was you can customize the software according to your comfort. In terms of downloads, the software is currently used by state archives, museums, National Libraries, consortiums and journal repositories.


  • PDF, Word, JPEG, MPEG, TIFF files support
  • DSpace also has a simple file format registry
  • Support Windows, Mac and Linux

Website: https://duraspace.org

Price: Free Version

4. EPrints

Edprints software

The EPrints an open-source software for building open-access treasuries. The software also a great alternative for Evergreen and other open-source library systems. Because the EPrints has some extra features compared to other software. Like its support social media sharing that helps in harvesting, archiving and visualization services. The company is running for 15 years and has large numbers of customers.


  • Social Sharing With EdShare
  • Research Data tool with Repository Hosting
  • Technical Roadmap
  • Customer Support 24/7 with Chat

Website: www.edprints.org

Price: Free Version

5.Fedora Commons

find fedora commons version

The Fedora is a part of DuraSpace also called DSpace. However, Fedora is one of the best open-source repository platforms with originally linked data support services. It also has the largest number of the community of developers. The interface of the software is quite easy to use you don’t have hassle using this software it’s designed for beginners as well as for professionals developers.


  • It has standard-based services
  • The software support any file size
  • Secured Pluggable Authorization Modules
  • Advanced Storage Options
  • Extensible Architecture

Website: Duraspace.org

Price: Free Version

6. Greenstone

greenstone software

Greenstone is a simple software for organizing information and publishing it on the web. This open-source library software comes with easy to use interface and it has some special features such as you can organize information on a flash drive or DVD.


  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Get Regular Update
  • 24/7 customer support

Website: www.greenstone.org

Price: Free Version

7. PMB

PMB software

The PMB library software is mainly used to cataloguing different types of files such as multimedia, web etc. The pro features of this software were it can index the full text of an attachment.


  • Provide Paid Support
  • Supports OCR service along with API
  • Windows, Mac and Linux supported
  • Regular Updates For Bugs on Blog

Website: http://forge.sigb.net/redmine

Price: Free Version