How to Turn Off Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Looking for how to turn off the tablet mode in windows 10, no worry you are at the best place. Here the whole information is there of how to enable and disable the tablet mode.

What is Tablet Mode in Windows 10?

One of the best things in Windows 10 is the availability of tablet mode. It allows the users of full-screen mode if tablet which is the best solution to every issue. It is a new kind of feature that will activate a tablet form on your device. If you have the feature, then you can easily remove your tablet from your connection and can use it as per your way. The screen then goes to full visibility. The settings you can easily adjust there in your device.

It is also necessary that if you are in tablet mode, then the desktop will be unavailable. Because when you will open any of your files, the size will appear as in maximization form. Therefore, the tablet is a full way of appearance where most of the work is in Windows interaction. If you have the feature of touchscreen and you wan to go with it then you can make the adjustments. You can adjust them manually as per your way.

Advantages of Tablet Mode

One of the best advantages in tablet mode is that it is much better in touchscreen as there you have to access everything with your fingers. This is a better relaxation to people. But as they have to use the start screen as the interface of primary form, it becomes more usual. It retains almost of elements of the desktop which can be even more to perform.

It is such a great that you can use your PC as a tablet. Such features just blow the mind of the users just in a while. The time when it launched, it usually gave relaxation to the users. It also saves time as just they have to connect to the tablet mode and use it. Users get the full-screen mode in which they can easily complete their work. To get the various connections such a feature is much more beneficial to everyone.

Let’s move on to the steps of tablet mode in Windows 10 of how we can close it. First the explanation of how we can enable it is thereafter which disabling is shown.

Enabling the Tablet Mode

Procedure 1

Step 1

Firstly, let’s start with the launch of the action centre. For that, click on the speech bubble option which is there in the notification in the taskbar. If you are using the more new version of Windows 10, then it will more rightward side there.

Step 2

As per the device performance, you have to wait for a while to let the action centre appear slides. It will show you that on the rightward side of the screen. Just stay away from clicking anything there.

Step 3

The action centre will occur and will show you the tablet mode on your screen. You will find it easily on the downward side. There are many tiles in a small style. One from them is a tablet mode. Click on it. It will usually appear like a finger touching design on it.

Step 4

If you are not able to find the tablet mode there, then click on the expand link. It is at the top to the rightward side of the screen. It will give you quick actions as per the need.

Turning off The Tablet Mode

Procedure 2

Step 1

Perform the same steps until the opening of the action centre in your device.

Step 2

After that go to the tablet node which is in on position.

Step 3

Click on it to disable the tablet mode.


  • Make a necessary note that in your tablet mode desktop will not be available there. Although you can still get access to folders in desktop through the help of File Explorer. In another case that uses your PC and gets the applications as you do in a normal way.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will find this informative. For more knowledge visit our other topic too. Make sure that you disable the tablet mode after using it. Do comment your views on this topic as feedback.