How to Turn Off Ad Blocker – (Windows & Mac)

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About Turning off Ad-Blocker

Users can easily temporarily disable the ad-block. It can be for both i.e. either for a browser or for a website. It is both for mobile and computer programming which also occurs as ad-block plus.

What is an ad-blocker?

Adblocking is also known as ad filtering.  It is a type of software that is capable of removing the advertising online in an application or on a browser. Adblocking is necessary for the protection of privacy and also from malvertising. It also saves the battery of PCs and smartphones. Adblocker is in actual both beneficial and non-beneficial.

How to Turn Off Ad-Blocker

Here are the steps which will enable you to turn off any adblocker.

Procedure 1: Disabling Ad Blocker On Web Browser

Step 1

Firstly, begin with the opening of a web browser. You must have the installation program of the ad blocker in your browser. Only then it will work.

Step 2

Now, select the extensions page in your browser. There are many selections done on different kinds of pages. In Chrome, the selection of more tools is there. In safari preferences option and Opera, settings option will open.

Step 3

Go there and find the option of block plus. In the list there, select the name of the ad blocker which you want to turn off. Do this in your Microsoft Edge.

Step 4

Disabling is of different kinds in different browsers. In Chrome, click on the enabled option to disable it. Unchecked the checkbox of it.

In safari, click on the check option and then the check will remove from it. In Opera, click on the block ads option at the centre of the screen.

Step 5

Now close your browser and open it again. It will confirm to you that your changes are now saved. Your ad-blocker is now in a disabled form.

Procedure 2 : Turning off Ad Blocker On a Site

Step 1

Start by opening your browser. This is the one in which you will disable the extension of ad-block on the website which you require.

Step 2

Open the website in which you want to disable the ad-blocker. Like if you want to disable the ad-blocker on keeping the tech, go to

Step 3

Open the extensions on your browser. As most of the browsers include the section where the icons are visible for extensions that you have previously installed.

Step 4

Go to the icon of the ad-blocker. It appears red along with a white color hand. A menu will occur there on the screen.

Step 5

Click on the option of don’t run pages on this Domain. You will find it near the downward side of the menu. It will open a window on the screen.

Step 6

Go to adjust the ad-blocker pages on which it is disabled there. Click on the site to the right side for increasing the number of variations of the site. Drag the page to the right to increase the specificity. Every site will not require the adjustment for it.

Step 7

Click on the exclude option. It appears on the downward side of the Window. It will save the changes. Also, it will turn off the ad-blocker for the sites or the pages that were in selection.

Procedure 3 Disable Ad Blocker On a Mobile

Step 1

Firstly, open the ad-blocker plus on your mobile. Ad-block is not there in android phones. Also, there is no app available for mobile.

Step 2

Click on the Settings option. It appears like a screwdriver view on the downward side of your screen. It will open the page of settings on your mobile.

Step 3

Now, click on the icon plus option which is green in color. Click on it and it will turn to white. This means that your ad-block plus is now in deactivation. If you require it, then you can again enable it by clicking it again.

Wrapping up

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