How to Close Apps in iPhone 11 – Complete Guide

Wondering how to close apps on iPhone 11, don’t worry, you are at a great place. Go to the steps which are here that will help you with your issues.

Closing Apps in iPhone

You might have a lot of apps on your device’s recent list. It may be difficult to find the one which you need. Users can remove the apps from the list by only a few clicks. It needs to clean the list and make it even easier to get the necessary apps. In the model of iPhone 11, it’s a bit different from previous models of iPhone. It is so because some models don’t have the home button in them. Therefore, the tasks they’re a bit different in them.

How to Close Apps in iPhone 11

Here are the steps for closing the apps in iPhone 11

Procedure 1: On iPhone 11

Step 1

Firstly, swipe to the upward side from the downward of your screen. After that, give a pause about in between the screen. It will allow the users to get the view of multitasking in their device.

Step 2

Click on the app and swipe it off. While running the iOS 11 of the old version, the process here is a bit different. Here you have to click and hold the app till a red colour appears. After that, click on the – option for closing the app.

Step 3

Click on the wallpaper or you can also swipe up from the downward to go back to the home screen. Let’s move on a deep discussion more about how we can close apps on iPhone 8.

Procedure 2: On iPhone 8

Step 1

This is a bit simple from iPhone new version mobiles. For accessing the feature of a fast app switch, click on the home button. You can see there the screenshots and icons of all the running apps.

Step 2

Slide your apps from every side to get the one that you want to quit.

Step 3

It usually depends on the version which you are using of the iOS. When you will perform this, the red badge will appear there. It will delete the app from the background and all the other process which are running there.

Step 4

After closing the apps that you need to close, the home button will appear there on your iPhone.

You can also build quitting of many apps at the same moment. You just have to swipe up to about three apps at that time. All of them will disappear from there now.

Procedure 3: In iOS 12

Step 1

Click two times on the home button of your iPhone.

Step 2

Go to the leftward side also to the right to get the view of all the apps. For viewing them, swipe to the left and right for opening them. As the iPhone shows one app at a moment while an iPad shows about six apps at a moment.

Step 3

Go to the upward side to close the app. Select the app which you want to close. It will remove the app from your screen and will close it. You can easily close multiple apps by clicking on many apps and keep swiping them.


If you find that your home button is not working, then no need to worry. You can go to the settings option and then click on the general option then click accessibility there. Move to more downwards side and then a box will occur there on the screen. Click on it two times. Your apps are now removed from there.

Mostly, the apps in iOS never run in the background for more seconds. To let it run for even more times, you have to enter the suspended mode there. It will not drain the battery of your iPhone.

If you are thinking that your iPhone will save the battery then you are completely wrong. As many people believe that this will save the battery of their phones. It is truly an incorrect statement. Never go along with the discussion that it will save the battery of your device. Apps that are running in your background never saves the battery life even you are using them or not.

Wrapping up

I hope this article is informative and had cleared all your doubts. Now you can easily close the apps on your iPhone.