How to Make Fake Blood – Complete Guide

So how to make fake blood? Have you ever wondered that in movies, plays, horror shows, or murder scenes that shot, how is the bloodshot taken that is what that red liquid that looks exactly like blood but is not the same is so what is fake blood recipe? Now getting to this point, not only in shows, series, and stuff but even in real-time in some dramatic look or Halloween or maybe a horror-themed party or devil or a zombie or anything.

Things Required To Make Fake Blood

Where you need blood to shown on yourself but it looks too artificial to show it with the help of lipstick or red color.

In all these cases, fake bloods is used, which eventually made. This blood looks as natural as the real one and also makes the scene work for you on camera or off-camera.
To make fake bloods, you require fundamental ingredients which are usually available at every body’s place, and it is super easy to make.

To make fake blood or fake blood recipe, all you require is, some powdered sugar, some water, edible red food color and edible green food color, some cocoa powder and that’s all.

How to Make Fake Blood For Shooting

Now to make it what you have to do is follow these given below steps to make fake bloods.

Step 1:

Take a jar and add two cups of powdered sugar in it. Now in case powdered sugar is not available to you all you have to do is, take almost a cup and a half of your regular crystal sugar or a few sugar cubes and put them in a grinder and grind it to a fine powder-like thing. In case of sugar cubes, you have to crush them a bit before and then add them to the blender. And from there you get powdered sugar.

Step 2:

After two cups of powdered sugar in the jar, add one cup full of regular water at room temperature. Once you put the water in the sugar, you have to either put the lid over the jar and give it a sweet shake so that it shakes up properly and no lumps are left or give it a mix and make sure it appropriately mixed.

Step 3:

Once it mixed adequately, you have to take edible red food color and put two tablespoons full of it in the sugar and water mixture. This colour would give it that red tinge similar to blood. Mix it well. But if you ever noticed blood is slightly dark too when compiled together. And as it is artificial and we want to show it as natural.

Step 4:

Next, you have to put a tablespoon full of edible green food colour to give it that dark tinge to provide it with that natural look.

Step 5:

Lastly, you have to add a tablespoon full of cocoa powder for that smooth texture and the right consistency.
Give it a right mix or just put the lid on and shake it very well.

Wrapping Up!

Its the simplest recipe for fake blood. Now you may try it by applying it on your skin, and it’ll turn precisely like blood. It’ll even form those dried lumps which are created by blood when it is not wiped from your skin and dries up if it kept the same way.