How to Reset Apple TV with Remote – Step by Step Guide

If you want, then you can easily set up the reset form of your Apple TV with the help of your remote. It only requires a few of the steps to be taken. You find them easily on this page. You can restore the Apple TV to the original settings of it. It can be settled in the settings option, which you can easily find on your device. Some of the apple TVs require iTunes also to reset them. For that, the version of macOS needs to be of a different form.

Along with this, it can also be settled by the use of a finder. For that, a USB plugged needed to connect it. After connecting, the finger app allows you to restore the services on your Apple TV, after which you can efficiently work on it. By connecting the cables, it allows you to get access to it quickly.

How to Reset Apple TV with Remote – Step by Step Guide

Here are the steps explained for resetting your Apple TV with the help of your remote:-

Step 1

Firstly, you have to connect your Apple TV with another and switch on the power button. You can perform this step with the help of HDMI cable. Power on with the help of your remote.

Step 2

Go to the settings option there. It is shown as the gear view of silver colour. With the help of your remote, navigate the forms to the settings option and select the required menu.

Step 3

Click on the general or system option, which shown near the downside of settings option. You can select them as per the generation of your TV.

Step 4

Go to the reset option, which is shown on the downward side of the system under the maintenance option. It allows you to get the reset form for your type.

Step 5

Now you can select any of the required forms of option. Like, reset and update or restore. In this, all the factory settings and the updates occur there. For that, the internet connection is necessary, which allows you to get access to it.

Step 6

Wait for a while to let the process of reset gets complete. For this, you have to be sure about the plugged option and till the reset process gets completed. After all, you can go with the setup process of it whenever required.

By such, you can also restore the Apple TV by the use of iTunes or finder. It requires other forms of steps to occur, which take the different processes to enable.

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