What is the VPN Service is And How to Use it

VPN is an essential part of our PC and smartphone. It is used to privately connect to the internet. VPN hides our activity on the internet and make browsing safe. Therefore, I am here to explain what is a VPN service is and how to use it. If you ever had a feeling of being watched on the internet, then it is for you. You can surf without hesitation by using VPN.

What is a VPN service is and how to use it

Privacy on the internet should be our priority. So many cyber-attacks happen every day because of people’s carelessness. What is a VPN comes for the rescue here. Here are some advantages to using it. Therefore, you will be sure to use a VPN.

Advantages of VPN service

Here some advantages of using a VPN. that might encourage you to use a VPN.

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Stop your ISP from tracking your activity

ISP or internet service provider who provides internet service. It can be your sim card manufacturer, router, or other internet service providers. Like it or not but ISP can track your internet activity. You might be using incognito mode in your browser. However, it does not stop your ISP to track your activity. However, don’t worry, What is a VPN has got you covered. A VPN service also hides your activity from your ISP. This is a big reason why you should start using a VPN.

Use restricted websites or social media sites

Want to use Facebook or Twitter at restricted places. Then you should defiantly use a What is a VPN service. There some places like schools and offices where some specific sites or social media sites are blocked.  However, it will not stop you thing about what is going on in your social life. VPNs can also unblock these websites and you can freely use them. So go ahead and try it.

Use torrent websites

We all know torrenting is a bad thing and illegal. However, it doesn’t stop us from using torrents. Most of the ISP is blocking us from using torrenting by tracking our activity. Therefore, we can use a VPN service to hide our activity from the ISP. It will allow the use of torrent sites without worrying. Therefore, you can download your movies and games free from torrents. Yeah yeah! I know it is wrong but I will not tell you to stop. Because I also use it, I too got my hands dirty. So go ahead and use a VPN.

Use websites that are blocked in your area

This is one reason why most people might want to use a VPN service. Yes, all of us face this problem occasionally. So many apps and websites might be restricted in your area. Nevertheless, the VPN can unblock these apps and websites. Therefore, you can use these apps anytime you want.

How to use VPN service

To understand how to use a VPN, you need to know how it works. VPN or virtual private network makes a virtual network. It is a network with fake identity to disguise you from your ISP. It hides your activity by hiding your identity. Now no website on the internet can track your identity or activity. VPN is a kind of barrier that changes to flow of the internet that wants to track you. For this VPN uses protocol encryptions, for example, HTTPS and SSH.

After you have an idea of how VPN works, it is time to use it yourself. What is a VPN is not a difficult task. Just select a VPN that suits you and you are good to go. Here is a guide so you can proceed further.

Step 1:

First, select a VPN service. There is a ton of VPN services available. But here are some VPN services you should try first hand.

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is highly dependable. There is 24/7 customer support, coverage over a fair number of countries. You can use it if you have a little knowledge about VPN.

Tunnel Bear:

Tunnel Bear is a very easy to use VPN. It is highly beginners friendly. A no-brainer VPN service that anyone can use.

Step 2:

Now you are almost done. You just need to follow on-screen instruction and sign in.

Step 3:

It’s all done now. You will be able to navigate through the VPN. If you want to use a website or app which is restricted in your area. Just choose a country where it is not restricted and connect. Done, now you will be able to use it.

Wrapping UP!!

VPN services are necessary nowadays. Everyone should use them in my opinion. It is a great way to disguise yourself on the internet. If you want to protect yourself on the internet then VPN will be your guard. Go ahead and try it.