Bhanu Sharma

I am a graduate in B.Sc. physics but I was always passionate about technology. It all started when I got my hands on my first smartphone and PC. Now, here I am always looking for new gadgets and technological advancement. I always happy to write new articles on how tos. I fell like i am in my element. I hope you all get help and knowledge from my work.

How to Install and Uninstall XAMPP in Ubuntu

As we all know, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution. It is hard to install the software in Linux as compared to windows or XOS. Installing XAMPP is a bit tricky but not that hard. You will need to through extra commands at the terminal. Simply follow this tutorial and you will be good to go.

What is the Difference Between Linux Distributions

The world of Linux is vast. There are so many Linux distributions in the market. As of today, there are over 650+ Linux distributions. Out of these, over 500 have an active support and are in development. Now you have an idea how the world Linux varies. That’s why I am here to explain the difference between these Linux distributions