Bhanu Sharma


I am a graduate in B.Sc. physics but I was always passionate about technology. It all started when I got my hands on my first smartphone and PC. Now, here I am always looking for new gadgets and technological advancement. I always happy to write new articles on how tos. I fell like i am in my element. I hope you all get help and knowledge from my work.

web application firewall

5 More Powerful WAF (Web Application Firewalls)

Web app developer? facing security issues? Here are 5 powerful WAF services to protect your web application from internet threats.

Slax Linux – Give New Life To Your Old PC in 2021

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10 Linux Commands To Manage Files Easily

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How To Run Windows Software in Ubuntu Linux

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10 Useful Linux Commands for the System Administrators

Here are 10 basic Linux commands for the system administrators. These commands are important when it comes to everyday usage.