How To Edit a Zoom Recording

This is an comprehensive guide based on how to edit a zoom recording on Windows or Mac computer with complete information.

You can easily record and store your sessions on the cloud and your local storage by using Zoom’s recording features.

But sometimes, you may find your recorded sessions can contain bloopers and unnecessary statements. And you want to get rid of this.

Thus, here we are going to know about the simple way to edit zoom recording. 

Which Software is Best For Editing Zoom Recording?

You will find many zoom recording editing tools on google. But if you are looking for the best video editor, then you can use Animotica.

This is the best Editing tool that is easy to use. Its features can help you to edit recordings as you desire. You can easily use it and make your Zoom recording into a masterpiece.

It’s available for free on the official website you can easily download it and install it on your computer without having a hassle.

Moreover, the interface of this video editing tool is also simple which allows anyone to edit the video using the tool within a few minutes.

How to Edit Zoom Recording Using Animotica?

You can easily edit the zoom recording with the help of Animotica. You have to download Animotica and follow the three easy steps:

Step 1:

You have to launch Animotica and click on New project. Then, click on Add Video/Photo Clips and select Video or Photo Clips. Now, your storage area Will be open.

Step 2:

For accessing your Zoom recording from your storage area, you have to click on Documents and locate the Zoom folder

Step 3:

Now, find the recording that you want to edit and select it. And click on the open to upload your project.

Start Editing Your Zoom Recording

You can edit your recording by trimming and cropping it. Along with this, you can add a logo and caption to it. Thus, follow the below-mentioned process to do it. 

Edit or Trim Zoom Recording 

You have to click on the clip’s Thumbnail to reveal its editing options. 

Then, Select the trim option. You will find three options. Such as Trim Slider, Trim from the Start, and Trim from the End.

The trim slider will help you to trim the start and endpoints of your video.

Suppose you want to trim your recording from the Start. You have to drag the slider to the point where you like to decorate and select Trim from the Start.

Then, you will find that every frame behind the slider will be removed. Moreover, you can tap CTRL+] to access this feature with a hotkey. 

Suppose you want to trim your recording from the End. You have to drag the slider to the point where you like to decorate and select Trim from the End.

Then, you will find that every frame coming to the slider will be removed. Moreover, you can tap CTRL+] to access this feature with a hotkey. 

How To Crop Zoom Recording

For cropping a Zoom recording, you have to tap the video thumbnail to reveal your editing options.

Then, click on the crop. You can adjust the sliders to crop from the top, bottom, left, or right. Also, you can round the edges of the frame by the rounding radius feature. 

Further, you will find a blurred background to replace the crop area. You can change this to a coloured background or a different blur pattern by clicking on Background. 

You can also adjust the frame. For doing it, you have to click on Transform. Then, you can use the options Scale, Horizontal Offset, Vertical Offset, Fit, and Fill. 

Add Logo To Your Zoom Recording

For adding the logo on zoom recording, you have to click on Add. Then, scroll down to the Layers/Overlays section and click on Video or Photo.

Then, you can fetch your logo and upload it to the project. Also, you can adjust the logo size. 

Edit Audio in Your Zoom Recording

To add Fade in and Fade out in the recording. You have to click on Thumbnail. Then, select the Sound. Next, adjust the slider to set the Fade in and out duration.

After the processing, click on Go back. 

To add subtle background music, click on Add. Then, select the audio. You will find Animotica’s library of royalty-free music.

You can also add voiceover to the video by audio section. Then, preview and click on the add option to upload. Or, you can add the audio file from your local storage by clicking on the select file. 

Then, you can select Sound and drag the volume slider to set the volume. 

Add a Caption To Zoom Recording

You can add a caption to the recording by clicking on the Add option. Then, scroll down to the Layers/Overlays section and click on Text.

Further, you can improve the Text’s style, font, Background, etc.

Save The Edited Video

After the above processing, you need to save the video to make a change to it.  Click on the Save Video to start saving.

Also, you can tap on CTRL+E to access the export window. And, On the export window, you have to click on Save As. Then, input the filename and click on Save.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the how to edit zoom recording with complete information.

Is it possible to edit a zoom recording?

Although Zoom does not include editing capabilities within the software, you may still edit recordings. All Zoom recordings, both local and cloud, are stored as high-quality MP4 (audio and video) and M4A (music) files (for audio files). These are the most popular file types that can be edited with any video editing programme.

Can you edit out parts of a zoom recording?

Zoom includes capabilities that allow you to reduce the start and end of cloud recordings. Cloud recordings can also be downloaded and modified locally on your computer using video editing software.

How do you edit a zoom recording for free?

In order to edit zoom recording for free of cost by simply following these steps.

Step 1: Open the programme, then import and add your Zoom video recordings to the timeline.
Step 2: Drag the beginning or end of the clip you wish to trim to trim it at will. Step 3: Cut the Zoom Recording in Half…
Step 4: Enhance your Zoom video recordings with additional effects.
Step 5: Once editing is complete save the changes.

How do you cut and edit Zoom recordings?

To launch the editor, click play on the recording thumbnail, then locate and click the scissor symbol in the bottom right corner of the player, then drag the playhead arrows to the desired position.

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