What Does :” Mean in Text – [Explained]

Well, are you looking for what does :” mean in text? In this article, we are going to discuss the usage of special emoji and the reason behind it. At the beginning of the Internet era, even online status was considered as a high-maintenance item.

Hence, it was also necessary from an economic point of view. When time passed away, small screen size and a limited number of characters took the lead to a new language.

What Does :” Mean in Texting?

The language of mobile messages or texts was based on the use of specific slang and creative short words. Although oral discussions are less formal and relaxed than text messages.

The stereotypical standard polite phrases and other formalities are preserved ironically.

However, we can easily omit all the precise phrases, and we can immediately go to the question without the preface in our text message.

Due to the limited number of characters, interlocutors could easily avoid the digression and control over the time of the conversation.

With the formation of abbreviations, Internet users begin to demonstrate a remarkable capacity for coming up with unique excellent words.

According to the statistics, there are currently more than 5 000 000 English abbreviations that are registered.

With the abbreviations, an invention of emoticons with the use of punctuations depends on the context of the text. If something is said very creepily and that statement has an added “:’’’ to it, then it can only imply sorrow, and it was texted to make you out of the conversation.

However, if someone has stated something simple such as “My day was bad:’” then, one could take the context as a sad emoji.

Texting, with the use of these emoji things, it’s hard to interpret through the text for most of us but to read the message engulfing that, and think about what the other person is trying to say is fun.

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