How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10

Delete temporary files or folders in Windows 10, you have to follow a few steps, and you’re done with what you want. Also, the process is the same for windows 7, 8, and 10.

How To Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10

Follow these given below methods to delete Temp files on Windows without having a hassle.

Step 1:

Firstly, you gotta open run command box by searching “run” in the search bar or on your keyboard press “windows key +R.

Step 2:

This will take you to the command box. Here you gotta type the command “%temp%” and then after typing this press OK.

Step 3:

What run command or the run command box does take up the coded commands which are initially included in the educational practices. Tt takes those commands follows up on them and then takes you to the particular file, folder. The process you want to conduct or any function of whichever you put in command of. This box works as a shortcut for any processor to reach up to any destination with a condition of its management.

Step 4:

Hereafter putting up the command and pressing OK, it will open up the Temp folder located in the folder named local, which is saved initially under the app data. The app data comes inside the username tag of the Users folder on my computer.

Step 5:

So, by giving the command, it took us to a folder which was located almost under 4 to 5 envelopes in a single click and control.

☆Now, if you don’t want to use the run command box, which is not efficiently possible, but if in case you want.

Step 6:

Go to my computer. All the folders and files inside it will appear where you have to click on the folder named User.

Step 7:

In User, you have to go the folder App data. When you click on app data, the folder opens up with a few more folders, one of them being titled local, and that is the one you have a click on, and inside, it will be the Temp folder which is actually of your use.

Step 8:

Now after reaching to the Temp folder by whichever means. Click on view on the menu bar and check up on ‘Hidden items.’ By clicking on it, the hidden files will start to appear, which were disappeared till then.

Step 9:

Now select all the files and folders by either clicking on the select all button on the menu bar at the extreme top right or by clicking and dragging the cursor throughout the names of the files.

Step 10:

After selecting all the files and folders, a drop-down list of a few options will appear where you gotta select ‘delete.’
A delete confirmation dialogue box appears, which asks if you are sure about moving all the files to the recycle bin where you have to click on YES.

Skip the files and folders which cannot be deleted out of the selected ones.

Wrapping Up!

Close the window after you are done. Now recycle bin, as the name suggests, is a dustbin from where the files are not entirely deleted but stored somewhere and can be restored. So this is how the deletion is done for temporary files.

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