How Much Does A Passport Cost – [Explained]

How Much Does A Passport Cost

You are going to apply for a passport, but you don’t know how much does a passport cost. It is very important to know that how much does a passport costBecause if you know that then it will be easy for you to prepare for the whole procedure of your passport application.

The very first thing that we are going to clear here that we are going to talk about the US passport only. For the passport of other countries, you can look at other posts.But this post is basically for the cost and fee details of a Passport made for citizens of the United States. 

One more thing, the details we are going to tell you here are the official details. We have got from the United States Department of State Travel.

So, you can recheck the Department of State Travel in United State’s website to verify the cost and fee structure, because the rates and fee charges can be changed anytime by the responsible authority.

Different Types of Fees charged 

As you may know that there are a lot of levels and steps to get a passport from the US Government. So if you are looking for a passport, then you have to pay several times during the passport application. A lot of steps are there and a lot of fees are charged by the State Travel Department. however, the charges are nominal. So, we will explain to you in detail how much does a passport cost in the United States.

Passport USA

We are not Counting Agent’s Charges

There are a lot of private agents and agencies, that apply for your passport in the United States. A lot of agencies and companies also available there, those are applying online for a passport in the United States. These agencies, companies, and agents charge fees other than the pre-decided by the US Government and the State Travel Department of the US. They overcharge people for extra services. These charges from Agents, companies, and agencies may vary from area to area. So we are not counting it here in official charges. 

Different Fee according to the Service

All the passports applications have different reasons behind them. Some of them are usually for a fresh and new passport. While some applications are filed just for changes and renew of the previous passport. So here if you ask us how much does a passport cost, then the answer is different according to the services. The fees vary according to the application type. If you are going to apply for a fresh passport, you will be charged normally. 

Here is the Fee Structure of Passport application 

As you may know that in the US you can apply for a passport as an adult at the age of 16. So after that age, you can apply for an adult passport. If you are under 16 years, then you can apply for a minor or child passport. But if you want to apply for an adult passport then you can apply it online after paying a passport book fee of $110 and passport card fee of $30.

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