How to Reset iPhone XR

Thinking, how to reset iPhone XR? You might have done an up gradation in your iPhone models to the latest version of XR. In the new version, you may have many changes from the previous versions. The main thing which needs to understand here is learning how to troubleshoot the device. It means how you can reset your iPhone XR.

Resetting Your iPhone XR

It is the most necessary process which a person must learn while accessing iPhone XR. The issue can sometimes occur in this version which you face in your iPhone device. If we go in-depth believing, then the force restart will not actually clean up the cache of apps. The only thing which you can perform for cleaning the cache is deleting storage from your iPhone. After such reinstalling it again in your device.

The older option which was there in previous versions of the iPhone shows the unavailability of sending the message. Also, the cleaning of the cache is not visible to go along with the older iOS versions. Going to the tabs of the app store will clear only the cache of it but not with the other forms.

Before, Apple made a discussion that users should not need to worry about the clearing of the cache. This is always an issue for users of android around the world.

How to Reset iPhone XR

Let’s move on to the steps needed for resetting of iPhone XR:-


In iPhone XR the resetting is called forces restart or resetting of hard type. The use of keys is there.

Step 1

Click on the volume up button of your iPhone.

Step 2

Do the same with the volume down button on your device.

Step 3

Now hold the side option till the apple logo appears there.

Do these steps in a slow form. As most of the users who use iPhone X get into confusion by taking screenshots when they take the restart. On more old iPhones, if the same thing is applied to them then hold the hold button there for seconds. Do hold till you saw the apple logo on it.

A restart that you will perform in a force will not affect your media or data which is in storage. It is a safe and vest thing to perform in your iPhone device.

Procedure 2: Reset the Factory settings

If your device is showing issues related to the software of iOS problems of this, then there can be more problems. Issues can be of a wi-fi camera or of GPS. There can also be the installation of software that is in opposition to the iPhone.

In such a situation, users try and do the performing of a restart in a force to check the problem resolving. If it restarts, then the failure can occur therein setting of the device. It can be of a fresh copy of the system of iOS.  Before restoring the device, do the performing of backup in it. It is necessary to perform this in your device.

For resetting or restoring your iPhone to the settings of the factory, there is a need for the computer. It should include the iTunes along with cables for the connection with your iPhone.

Step 1

Firstly, open the iTunes on your PC.

Step 2

Now, connect the iPhone XR with the proper cables of your PC.

Step 3

After that, enter the passcode when it requests and then confirm it when any message pops up. The message will be to trust this computer on your screen.

Step 4

Now, select the iPhone XR on your iTunes to the left panel and then click on the summary. After this, choose the option of restoring the iPhone.

Step 5

Go to the confirmation of the restore option.

Step 6

When the process will complete, you will find that the device is in restore form to the settings of the factory.

The backups which you previously created in the factory settings will occur thereafter the resetting of the device. You can also use the backups option for restoring the device. You can also restore by the setting app too. But it is preferred to use the above procedures only.

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Wrapping up

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