How to Make a Fluffy Slime – Step by Step Guide

You might be wondering how to make fluffy slime with easy steps. Apart from the easy steps, users find difficulty in mixing and gathering ingredients for it. They usually find it a difficult task to perform. The solution to each problem of everyone in preparing a slime which is both soft and fluffy is here. Let’s move on to more about slime which is there below.

What is a Fluffy Slime?

A fluffy Slime is not exact in which the name defines it. In actuality, it is smooth, soft, and occurs in a smooth way. People love to play with this in any way they want. It can be easily stretchable and it great fun to squeeze and bend it. The most wonderful thing with this is that after playing we can design it back again to the original form. It is both perfect to touch and hold as it never sticks to our hands. The most brilliant thing we have to play! Mostly, children love to gather and play together with this. Like the ingredients, you will find easily at your home to make it and start the adventure with slime. 

How To Make Fluffy Slime?

Here are the steps which will guide you in crafting a Fluffy Slime:-

Step 1

Firstly, start with the pouring of glue in a bowl of about 2/3 cup. It is the starting ingredient for your Slime. It will usually help to make the Slime stretch and make it more attractive. 

Step 2

Now, stir baking soda in the bowl of about 5 grams. After that, pour water of 60 ml and mix it thoroughly. Keep mixing slowly then increasing your speed in it. With the help of your hand, knead together all the ingredients. use your fingers for stirring the mixture. 

Step 3

After such, mix about three cups of shaving cream in your bowl. Some shaving cream will make your Slime appear fluffy to touch. Mix it until it occurs like congeal form into the slimier way. keep using your fingers to mix.

Step 4

Now, squeeze there any favourite color of yours. You can also choose many colours together to make them more attractive. Slime can also be colourless if you want. For that, add some drops of colour only into it. 

Step 5

Add one spoon of contact solution in the mixture. Pour a saline solution there and knead your mixture properly with the use of your fingers. Keep stirring until it appears as a texture of fluffy form. You also have to take special care that your mixture contains sodium borate in it. 

Step 6

Pour some more of saline solution into your Slime to avoid stickiness in it. Now, put the Fluffy Slime into the plastic box and make it airtight. It will remain slimy for a week of time. 

Wrapping Up!

We can also make it with the use of Glue and Borax. The procedure for that will be the same, but with a slight difference in it. Although, we can use detergent too in place of Borax. But only when, it is in the form of a liquid. 

Why wait for enjoying it now? Gather everyone and start playing with your Fluffy Slime! 

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