How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Wondering how to reset the network settings on your iPhone, let’s go with the information and steps for it. Let’s begin with the information about the topic and then with the steps for it.

Resetting the Network Settings in iPhone

People get stuck in between when their network loses connectivity. It became an irritating situation for that to get the connection again but it requires the settings to access it. For that, the connection settings are necessary for accessing internet settlements. The settings of wifi will also help for resetting the network in the iPhone device. It will help the users to get the proper connection to the internet.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Here are the procedures for resetting of the settings of the network which will help you with it:-

Procedure 1: Through Network Settings


Firstly, begin with the settings app on your iPhone. It appears as a gear view and can be easily found on the home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2

Click on the general option. It is available on the upward side of the given menu page.

Step 3

Now, go to the reset button. It is visible on the downward side of the menu. Variations options will occur on your screen.

Step 4

After that, go to the reset network settings option. It is necessary for keeping the iPhone at full security. It will show you the confirmation message on your screen.

Step 5

On the given space, enter the passcode with they will give you in the text. Your iPhone device will now restart after this. After a restart, the network settings will close on your device.

Step 6

Now go to the resetting of network settings option. Now your iPhone will give a restart. The settings of the network will not be there and all of the updates will occur there.

Procedure 2: Wifi Settings on an iPhone

Step 1

Firstly, open the Settings app on your iPhone. It is a gear shape icon in your device. You can find it easily on the home screen.

Step 2

After that click on the general option. Then move to a bit downward side and click on the reset button.

Step 3

Now, go to the reset settings of the network. If they will ask, then you have to enter the passcode of your iPhone to go for the next step.

Step 4

Click on the Reset settings of the network option visible there. It will confirm the resetting of the network of iPhone settings. It will enable the users to get the connection of wifi network without any of the trouble.

Things to be Noticed

When you will perform the network settings on your iPhone, then your device will sign out every connection you have now.

Note :

For the again connecting to the wifi, you have to get the menu of wifi which is visible at the upward side of the screen. It will show you the various instructions that are necessary for you to get for it.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information is much proper for understanding the resetting of network connection in your iPhone device. Give us feedback below for more information. Also, read our more topics for more info further.

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