Google Meet Grid View Fix: 6 Methods

Google Meet Grid View Fix: In this short step-by-step tutorial we are going to show you how you can easily able to fix the grid view without having a hassle.

Recently lots of Google Meet users claim the grid view in the application not working properly? if this problem also affects you then don’t worry there are some methods from which the grid view in google meet can easily be fixed.

Google Meet allows its users to check up to 16 members in the video calling or video conference calls in the grid format.

Massive numbers of the groups and users had to rely on the Google Chrome extension that simulates a Zoom-like grid view.

But there is also a cache, the Chrome extension only works on the Chromium web browser including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Brave Browser.

Most Google Meet users start facing a bug on the extension while trying to access the Grid View during the video conference calls.

If also of these users then this article will help you to fix the google meet grid view issue within a few minutes.

Google Meet Grid View Not Working? Ways To Fix

Most of our site readers claim that Grid View is not working with Google Meet because the extension stopped working for them.

Moreover, there are some alternative extensions and all they are stop working but there is a solution to this problem.

To simply fix the issue you needed to install or download 1.31 or the latest version of the Chris Gamble extension If you have any other version of the extension then simply uninstall it.

After uninstalling the other version, download and install the v1.31 extension version of Chris Gamble on the web browser.

To resolve the Google Meet Grid View not working.

After downloading and installing the extension just round check the model in the developer mode of the extension web page.

To enable it to go to Google Chrome and navigate to the menu by tapping on the 3 dots given in the right upper corner. Then select the More Tools > Extension.

Once, you accessed the Extension web page on the chrome browser. Enable the Developer Mode given at the top right. You can then look for the extension by simply going to the Search Box.

More importantly, you need to check its version also which must be 1.31 or newer. Along with this make sure all the members that attend the video conference calls have the Grid View extension to the 1.31 version and also they all switched to Chris Gamble’s extension.

Duplicate Grid View Extensions Detected Error

If you come across the duplicate error due to the similar Grid View extension installed on the web browser. Well, you can fix this type of error let’s check how to fix it.

First of all, erase all the Grid View extensions you installed on the web browser. If you wanted to uninstall the extension then follow the step-by-step instruction given above.

After this tap on the extension icon and select “Remove from Chrome”.

There is also another way to remove the extensions. Go to the 3 dots given at the right upper corner and tap on the dots the menu list will appear on the chrome browser. From the menu list, tap on the Settings > Extension > Uninstall.

Else simply the extension web page, and look select the extension that you wanted to uninstall and tap on the Uninstall to remove it from the chrome browser.

Once you ensure there is no grid view extension installed on the web browser and then simply download and install the Chris Gamble web extension on the Google Chrome web browser. Well after this the double grid view has been resolved.

Google Meet Grid View Fixes

There are several methods that you can use to resolve the grid view error on the chrome browser. Try each method one by one to resolve the issue of the grid view without having a hassle.

Update Google Meet Grid View Extension

Before going to any technical steps, it’s best to make sure all the things are at the right place for the Google Meet extension that you’re using in the google chrome web browser.

Make sure the extension is updated to the latest version. In case if don’t know how you update the chrome extension then follow the below-given step-by-step instructions.

Launch The Google Chrome Web Browser

Go to the Start Menu and search for Google Chrome, else use the taskbar chrome icon to access it or else you the desktop shortcut chrome icon.

Go to the Chrome Settings

Once the Chrome browser is fully accessible. Then go to the top right corner and tap on the 3 dots to open the menu list and select the Settings.

Navigate to the Extension Web Page

Once you’re on the Chrome Settings page then navigate to the Extension page from the left sidebar. Where you can able to see all the web extensions installed on the chrome browser.

Update The Web Extension

Simply select the Web Extension and tap on the Update button to update the extension to the latest version to fix all the bugs.

If you thinking about what happens when you update to the latest version of the google meet extension. Well, the update will fix all the bugs and errors that causing the issue.

Use New Google Grid View Extension By Chris Gamble

You needed to uninstall all the Google Meet grid view extensions from the chrome browser. We recommended you download and install the new version of the Google Meet Grid View extension developed by Chris Gamble.

To download and install the extension go to the extension page on the google chrome store.

Search Chris Gamble Grid View download and install the extension on the web browser. Tap on the “Add to Browser” button to install the extension.

Uninstall & Re-install The Grid View Extension

Most of the time there is a startup bug that can occur when there something goes wrong with an extension or the web browser and when you access the Grid View on the Google Meet you see an error.

Well, you can easily fix this type of issue by simply uninstalling and re-installing the Grid View Extension on the chrome browser.

Go to the Extension page on the chrome web select the Grid View extension and tap on the “Remove from Chrome” button to uninstall it again go to the Extension page.

And search the Grid View extension install it and restart the web browser. This method worked for lots of chrome users.

Disable and Re-Enable Grid View Extension

This is method also worked for multiple Chrome users all you needed to do is simply turn off the grid view extension and close the chrome browser after uninstalling the extension.

Relaunch the Chrome browser and again go to the extension page and toggle to activate the Grid View extension.

By performing this method the temporary bugs that causing the issue on the extension can easily fix and you cannot able to face grid view errors using Google Meet.

Download & Install The Orginal Version of Google Meet Grid View

In case the new Google Meet Grid View extension stop functioning then you can simply switch to the original version of the Google Meet Grid View extension.

Well, this is an older model of the Grid View feature and it’s totally based on a similar user script there be a chance it will work for you. You can download and install the extension similar grid view extension on google chrome.

Note: We do not recommend this method anymore, because most chrome users claim this method may display and duplicate extension errors.

But if you wanted to use the older version of the Grid View extension then simply uninstall the Chris Gamble extension. So both the extension won’t get mixed up in their process.

Access Google Chrome With New User Profile

Sometimes the Google Chrome profile also get defaulted and most of the features and service cannot able to access in the chrome browser from the profile.

So to fix this, you need to create a new Chrome user profile login into the Google Chrome browser and try to access the Google Meet Grid View.

Chrome profiles are a great way to organize your extensions, bookmarks, preferences, and themes.

Users can also use Chrome user profiles to distinguish between personal and professional browsing. It also works when creating an extension.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to better understand the process of creating a new chrome profile.

In the Chrome browser tap on the 3 dots given at the top right corner to open the Menu List/
Tap on the Setting from the Menu List that appears on the right side of the screen.

Now given under the Person section tap on the Add Person.

Select the avatar for your profile and enter the profile name.
After this sign into the associated google account that will sync the chrome profile with your Google account.

To switch the google user profile you need to tap on the name of your chrome profile from the upper left-hand corner of the web browser and then select the “Switch Person” option to change the chrome user without having hassle.

After this access, Google Meet and try Grid View.

Hopefully, this short guide helped you to better understand some of the fixes that you can apply to the chrome browser to resolve the Google Meet Grid View error.

If you’ve any queries related to this guide feel free to ask us via the comment box and don’t forget to share your opinion.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Google Meet Grid View with complete information.

How do I get Google Meet grid view?

When you’re in the meeting, click the extension icon to activate our addon. Please note that in order for this grid view to be enabled, you must be inside a Google Meeting before clicking on the extension icon. When you click the extension symbol while in a Google Meet online video call, Grid View will be enabled.

Why is my grid view on Google Meet not working?

If grid view isn’t working in Google Meet, delete the Grid View extension you’re currently using and install the new one by Chris Gamble from the Chrome Web Store instead.

How do I see everyone on Google grid view?

At the bottom of the screen, click the three-dot icon. Choose “Change Layout” from the drop-down menu. Select “Tiled” from the drop-down menu. This will enlarge your view to up to 49 members, allowing you to see all of the attendees on your screen at once.

How do I turn on self View on Google Meet?

Hover over your self preview in the top right corner of your screen. Also, select Show in a Tile from the drop-down menu. Your self-view is turned off by default, however you can save your preferences for future conversations.

How come I can’t see myself on Google Meet?

Make sure your computer’s camera is connected, switched on, and pointing directly at you. Check if your camera works in other programs, such as MacOS’ FaceTime or Windows 10’s Camera app. Reload Google Meet after closing any other applications that may be using the camera.

This is the end of this short guide.

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