How To Turn off Secure Content on Chrome

When you visited any secure website that contains (HTTPS) in a web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (Windows) and some other most secure web browsers.

When you’ve opened these secure websites on a web browser it displays a warning message that basically a security warning that says-  “This Page Has Insecure Content “.

If you want to enable or disable secure content on google chrome for securing your web browser.

There is a way to secure a web browser but the main question is what is the most secure web browser?

What are Secure and InSecure Contents in Web Browser?

Basically when user visit in any secure website include,, and some other. These websites used programming code such as CSS,  JavaScript etc. That may be served from different locations.

When the web page served over an HTTPS server but the associated files is severed from non-secure connection (HTTP). In this case web browser shows a insecure warning that related to network security.

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Disabling Secure Contents on Google Chrome Using a Command Line

So as you’ve already read in the title you can use a simple command line for enabling secure contents on web browser that you currently using on your computer. However all web browser not turn on secure contents through command such as internet explorer.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Start Menu and then move the mouse pointer to Google Chrome and open its Properties

Step 2 : 

In Chrome Properties, Go to the Shortcuts tab > Target  

Step 3 : 

Enter any one command lines after the target URL in target box.

  • –allow-running-insecure-content
  •  -no-running-insecure-content
  • no-displaying-insecure-content

Step 4: 

Click on Apply and then the OK button

I hope this article will helped you to disable secure content on google chrome and provide some information about secure web browsers. if you want more information visit google supporting command-line switch web page.