How To Change Google Background

How to Change Google Background. Looking for the topic of how you can Change Google Background? Here we have the best discussion of it with proper procedure and required steps of it.

It is easy to change the background of the web browser of Google Chrome. If the users have an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, then they can go to the New tab of the Settings menu for the uploading of the image or can choose from the given list of Google.

They can also go for the theme which they can add there to Google Chrome from the settings menu of the browser.

Change Google Background (2 Methods)

Here are the explained steps for the changing of Google Background:-

# Procedure 1: Use of Themes To Change Google Background

Step 1

Firstly, open Google Chrome on your device. Do click or double-click on the icon of the Chrome app that appears in the colors green, yellow, blue, or red.

Step 2

Now go to the three-line option. It is located on the upward side to the corner of the given window of Chrome. A menu will occur on the given screen.

Step 3

After that, click on the Settings option. It is the menu of the drop-down type. It will open the page of Settings on your screen.

How to Change Google Background

Step 4

Do the scrolling of the screen and then click on the Themes option. It is given on the upward side of the Appearance option.

Change Google Background

Step 5

Do the selection of the required theme of the background. So scroll through the given list of various themes till you find the best one for yourself. After that click on the selected theme’s name.

Step 6

Now go to the Add to Chrome option. It appears in a blue button on the upward side of the given page. It will do the installation of the selected theme which will depend on the theme that you have chosen.

how to change background on google

If the upward side of the window of Chrome doesn’t get changed, then go to the icon of + and then at the right side of the tab to let a new tab open there. The themes will be reflected there.

# Procedure 2: Use Of The New Tab Page

Step 1

Begin with opening the Google Chrome app. Do the clicking or double-clicking on the icon of Chrome. It will appear in blue, red, green, or yellow color. If the users don’t have the updated version of Chrome, then go to the upward right side to the corner.

Step 2

Select the option of Help and then go to About Google Chrome. After that, click on the Update option and go to the option of Relaunch when it will occur on the screen.

how to change the background on google

Step 3

Now open a new tab if required. If Google Chrome is not opening the New page tab, then go for the icon of +. It is located on the right side of the given tab on the upward side of the given window of Chrome. It will open the new tab or the blank form.

Step 4

After that, go to the icon of Settings. It is located on the downside to the corner of the given page. It will open the menu of pop-ups on the given screen.

Step 5

Go to the option of Upload an image. This option is available on the menu of the pop-up. It will open File Explorer if the user is using Windows and Finder if the user is using Mac.

Step 6

Do the selection of an image. Go for the location of the file in which you want to get the uploading of the picture where it is stored there. After that do the clicking on the photo which you want to use.

If the users are using the menu of Chrome backgrounds, then go for the clicking of the image which you want to use for it.

Step 7

After that go for the option of Open. It is located on the downward side of the given window. It will add the image to the given background on the page the New Tab.

If the users are in use of the image of Chrome backgrounds, then click on the option of Done which is on the downward side of the given window.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

How do I make Google seem hip?

Open the Customize tab in the Control Panel by clicking Look and feel from the left menu. From the box on the left, choose the element you wish to customize. Select the element’s font, border, and background colors.

Why is my Google backdrop black?

A feature of Google Chrome called Dark mode (or Dark theme for Android devices) is designed to make Web browsing more enjoyable when it is dark outside. It applies a dark color scheme to the UI and other components, such as your homepage, toolbar, and settings, to lessen eye strain.

Can I alter Chrome’s background color?

In the bottom-right corner of a new tab, tap the Customize Chrome button to begin. Step 2: A window within the browser should open. The Color or Theme tab is available from the left-hand side of that page.

Why doesn’t my Google Background alter?

If you don’t see a theme when all of your browsers should be showing it, Chrome is probably not configured to sync themes. “Advanced Sync Settings” can be found by opening the Chrome settings. Verify that the list of objects that Chrome syncs to the server have “Themes” selected.

Wrapping Up

Such information on how users can change their background is much informative. It is also the easiest for them to perform this.

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