6 Ways To Play YouTube in Background on Android

Play YouTube in Background: Wondering, how you can play YouTube in background on Android devices. Well, YouTube is the most popular platform for providing video content worldwide. It is the best way in providing the tutorials, TV shows, along with the music of all kinds to everyone. Though it is not about just watching them, the time may come when you just want to listen to it in the Play YouTube in Background.

While working on your phone, you can perform this by keeping the audio of YouTube in the background. As a closing, the app of YouTube will stop the video, but there are some of the ways which will work for allowing in listening to the video in the Play YouTube in Background.

There are some ways in getting the YouTube player of the mini pop-up. Now let’s go through with the simple guide for how you can play Play YouTube in Background. We will also discuss the procedure of iOS too Play YouTube in Background.

Use The YouTube Premium

If we think about YouTube, then our future is YouTube Premium. As before, YouTube Red was the only way of official type for allowing closing the YouTube app and listening to the audio. But, now this service has been shuffled and taken into YouTube Premium. Though, still, there is no difference between them Play YouTube in Background.

Still, it includes the ads on mobile as well as on Desktop. It opens access to the various exclusive videos, and also it allows for the downloading of the videos. Though for our purposes, it also gives the allowance for continuing to listen after shutting off the screen of the phone or taking the navigation to the different applications.

The YouTube Premium also comes with the access of ad-free to YouTube Music. Premium service of YouTube music provides people to shut off the screen to listen to the music. For that, it requires $12 to take the plan for a month and $18 for a plan of family subscription of about members of six. This app is available for both Android as well as iOS.

Playing YouTube Videos In Different Browsers

When you will shut off the screen of the desktop, it will be great for you that you can still listen to YouTube on it. As it is not supported by Chrome as well as Safari, but you can access it through the Apple Control Center with the various browsers for bypassing the restrictions of YouTube Play YouTube in Background.

YouTube Video Manager

The Opera Touch and Firefox are the browsers that will work properly with this required method. Also, if you want, then you can test the other browsers as per your preference.

Go along with the given procedure:-

Step 1

Firstly, do the navigation to YouTube from the selected browser of your choice.

Step 2

After that, search there for the required video.

Step 3

As when you will find it, then open that video and change over to the desktop site version there. This will depend on the type of browser which you have taken for use. It is accessed from the Options button located on the upward right side Play YouTube in Background.

Step 4

Now start playing the video.

Step 5

Then go back to the Home screen and swipe there to access the Control Center.

Step 6

You must be able for clicking on the Play button to continuously play the video, even when the screen is not open.

It is a warning that you will not be able to shut it down from the Control Center. Though you can access the browser for stopping the video.

Playing the videos through Chrome and Firefox in Android

Playing the videos of YouTube’s thorough background in Android can be performed both by Google Chrome and Firefox. You can do the use of browser but the chrome version should be of 54 or higher than it.

Download Audio From YouTube

Step 1

Firstly, do the launching the Chrome or Firefox as you perform daily and then visit the website of YouTube. Take a proper check that you have typed the correct website URL there. The results will immediately open the result as the site of YouTube.

Step 2

Now do the navigation of the video which you want to play in the background.

Step 3

Then visit the Settings menu by tapping on the dots of three shown at the upward right side to the corner of the given window. After that tap on the Request desktop site.

Step 4

After this, start the video and click on the Home button for the closing of the browser. If you find that the video stops from playing, then pull down the bar of notification and press the play button on it. Take a proper check that you don’t close the screen before clicking on the Home button. It may cause the video from stopping automatically.

Picture – in – Picture mode – in the Android 8.0 version

It appears as a bit of cheat because it is seriously not an app. The latest version of the Google operating system of mobile which is Android 8.0 Oreo, gives the full support of the picture-in-picture mode. It automatically pops-up with the window of miniature view if you do the navigation a bit away from YouTube.

Such a window can be dragged at any place on the screen and then can be tapped for enlarging or for accessing the controls of playback. Such a feature was restricted to only for the subscribers of YouTube Red. But after the appearance of YouTube Premium, Google has started the offering of picture-in-picture on YouTube to also to the non-subscribers.

People can also do the checking of the version of Android by going to the Settings and then opening About Phone than Android version and then can roll out for the various phone. Still, you will get the update by viewing the Android Oreo.

Playing Videos With the Window of Pop-Up

The app of Pop-Up Video will play by the selection of video in the window of a pop-up by which you can perform various things as when the video keeps playing there. Only by opening the app and by the use of search function for a finding of the video, you can access to it. You can use this method to play YouTube in Background on Android.


It is as same as the Oreo picture-in-picture mode. As there is no option for the closing of the screen and have to listen in the continuous form. But by the feature of picture-in-picture mode, it is better to access it. Along with this, it also comes with the premium version which gives the allowance for downloading in offline form. It also removes the ads in the Pop-up video.

Need for Playing YouTube Videos in Background

While working, studying, or watching lectures, it becomes necessary to watch videos in the background. As it is not that easy to access this, but by performing the methods which are discussed above, you can go through for it. This is the easy way to go through with the videos on YouTube by listening to them in the background.

YouTube Premium, which we discussed above, is not that easy as it includes plans which you have to purchase. The other methods are also a bit different, which you can access for listening to them in the background. Go through with them and get the selected one for you.

Play YouTube in Background App

You can also use youtube to minimize the app to play YouTube in background android devices. The application allows android to minimize the YouTube App while the videos play in the background on the device.

Minimize YouTube

You can download this app from Google Play Store and install it to use this app for playing YouTube Videos using the app interface. Basically, the steps to operate this app follows. Open the app, and tap on the search bar and search for the video that you wanted to play, and once the video plays tab on the minimizing button.

Play YouTube in Background

Get It Now: Google Store


Here we discussed the various ways by which you can go through the viewing of videos of YouTube in background. Go through with this one and give us a comment on this. Also, read our more topics for better knowledge. Now you can play YouTube in background on Android.


How can I have YouTube play in the background while I do something else?

You just need to go to any video on YouTube, start playing it, and then click on the Home button. When this happens, the video will pause, and in order to continue playing it in the background, you will need to bring down the notification shade (on Android) or the control centre (on iOS) and then restart the movie. The video may now be played in the background without any difficulty.

Can YouTube videos be played in the background while other applications are being used?

When you go into the YouTube app and begin watching a video, you can now minimise the movie by pressing the Home key at the bottom of your screen. This will enable you to go to another app while the video continues to play in the background.

What do I need to do to play YouTube in the nook?

Start playing a video on YouTube after it has loaded in Chrome. Then, to see the movie in full screen mode, you will need to press the icon labelled “Full-Screen” that is located in the lower-right hand corner of the video window. You should now be able to return to the Home screen, and the movie should immediately begin playing in full-screen mode.

Can I turn off the screen and still listen to YouTube?

You may still listen to videos on YouTube even if the screen is turned off. You may switch off your smartphone by pressing the sleep/wake button, and the music should keep playing even after you do so. To reiterate, if the music does not begin playing after pressing the power button once again, restart it by tapping the play button that is shown on the lock screen.

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