15 Best Extensions To Customize Google Chrome

Google Chrome one of the best web browsers to suffer the internet with awesome features like extension and a lot more. However, in google chrome, you can also enjoy some other features specially built for developers.

But, if you’re common users of your personal laptop or PC and have a creative mind and daily access internet through your home or somewhere else. In this case, if you like you can customize the Google Chrome browser with some best google chrome extensions.

List of Some of Best Google Chrome Extensions

Here we’ve gathered some of the most rarely used google chrome extensions from which you can customize your chrome browser.

1 # Earth View

Google Earth Images Theme for chrome min

Just like the name of this extension Earth View. After installing this browser extension into the chrome browser. You’ve replaced the old boring new tab page of the chrome browser with amazing satellite images of Google Earth. These images will change every time you switch to the new tab page to open any website.

Moreover, you can also visit the location of the satellite image shown in Google Maps. Just download the image or visit the web gallery that contains hundreds of such breathtaking images.

  • Users  – 1014615
  • Size – 334 KB
  • Languages – English

2 # Stylish – Themes And Skins

stylish chrome extension min


Stylish one of the most popular chrome extensions to restyle the web with different web themes and skins. You can easily install Stylish on chrome browser and change your favourite website look instantly.

There are some other features also available in Stylish such as Styles Mangar, CSS Ninja to create your own theme in chrome and a lot more. Some additional features such as customize backgrounds, colour schemes, fonts, and even animations. With this amazing browser extension, you can even enable dark mode and use minimalist Facebook themes or change the look of social media sites Twitter, Google and much more.

  • Users  – 1476520
  • Size – 1.8 MB
  • Languages – 19 languages supported

3 # Muzli 2

muzli 2

Muzli is one of the best extensions to customize the Google Chrome browser. This extension far more beautiful new tab extension that you can install for Google Chrome. The extension is developed by InVision which is one of the biggest design software companies of 2020 in the world.

Basically, the company’s focus on the extension is to inspire you with the outstanding new designs of the tech nova. The extension contains beautiful designs and artwork and apart from this it also has amazing tools. With this extension, you can add your favourite publications articles on the new tab of the web browser.

  • Users  – 322104
  • Size – 3 MB
  • Languages – English

4 # Dayboard

Dayboard min

Dayboard is a special extension to customize your new tab of chrome browser. This tool comes with a to-do list with a website blocker. You can easily set a to-do list on the new tab page and you can add 5 items per day on the to-do list.

Basically, you can start your day by writing down the most important things that you have to do and accomplished your goal. The extension also allows you to block distracting websites like Facebook or other social sites. This is the best tool for fighting procrastination, reduce distraction and improve focus.

  • Users  – 18629
  • Size – 1.77 MB
  • Languages – English

5 # StyleBot

Stylebot min


The Stylebot is basically for web developer chrome users. So if you have basic knowledge of CSS or HTML then, in this case, this chrome addon can help you to customize google chrome.

You can use Stylebot to change any element from google chrome and just, pick up the and element and choose the changes and you want to make from an editor. You can easily change the font, colour, margin, visibility and a lot more. You can also manually write the CSS codes from the outside.

Moreover, you can preview and install the styles created templates and even share them with your friends using social sites. Just like the Firebug tool you can pick and elements in this google chrome extension. You can easily change any website using quick tools provided by style bot extension and changes will be saved instantly.

  • Users  – 199403
  • Size – 388KB
  • Languages – English

6 # Momentum

Momentum Google Chrome Extension min


The Momentum is a simple chrome extension to make you more attractive your google chrome. Basically, with help, you can get an automatic weather forecast roundup. There are some other additional features offered by this extension such as you can set the daily goal, weather news, customize the dashboard by hiding widgets and much more.

In simple words, with this google chrome extension, you can replace the old boring new tab of chrome browser with amazing photos, inspirational quotes you can even set your daily goal or focus. With its features like the Todo list, you can track down your complete task list.

With  Momentum Plus, you can also unlock some advanced tools to customize google chrome browsers like integration, customization and widgets.

  • Users  – 3362006
  • Size – 12 MB
  • Languages – English

7 # Better Tab

Better Tab Google Chrome Extension min


There is also some other extension available for the customizing tab on chrome browser but according to my personal experience, Better Tab is on the top on that list with the help this extension you can easily customize search engine tab on chrome, you can customize dashboard along with the background of the web browser.

Better Tab offers a convenient web search and features from the google chrome new tab page. With this browser extension, you can add stunning wallpapers, quotes and important information to the new tab. Features like a to-do list, location-based date and time can easily be useful.

However, the Pro version of the extension has more amazing features like a counter timer if you’re looking forward to a special event such as a marriage anniversary or a wife’s birthday. In this, the Todo list comes with a reminder, portable new tabs, new fonts and themes.

  • Users  – 36113
  • Size – 2 MB
  • Languages – English

8 # Live Start Page

best google extension to customize

The Live Start Page is a web browser extension to set up wallpapers on the new tab page. The extension comes with an introduction that explains what you can do with this extension. In the left lower corner you can get more useful tips regarding this web extension.

Moreover, the extension comes with beach wallpaper as default. You can change with hundreds of wallpaper that you’ve downloaded on your system. You can also create your Todo list with the task to stay focus on your daily routine.

With Configure Settings, you can access more useful tools like the large size of the clock with different styles, with weather widget with a sidebar to create a saved bookmarks group in the chrome browser. In Pro version for $1.99 of this extension adds more features like Google Calendar, seconds needle in clock and multiple widgets in weather tool.

  • Users  – 273451
  • Size – 35 MB
  • Languages – 11 languages supported

9 # Start.me

customize new tab page in chrome browser min

Start.me is an outstanding new tab extension for chrome browser to replace a new tab with more productivity ideas and updates. The extension adds various blocks and widgets into the new tab page with news updates social sites shortcuts and you can even change the font of the new tab page using the start.me customization.

You can personalize the Start.me page with a number of different layouts and backgrounds with transparency. Moreover, you can also add more pages according to your needs.

10 # Home

home new tab extension for web browser min

Home new tab extension will totally revamp the new tab page. The interface of this chrome browser extension looks like the Android Launcher interface. It contains shortcuts to the most popular websites which you visit in your daily life routine. Moreover, you can also add a date & time widget along with other widgets like a calendar or recently closed tabs etc.

Search engine bar with notification badges for Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Calendar and much more. If you’re a businessman or developer then you can add different types of notes such as Google Docs, Sheets to the new tab page.

Chrome Themes Extensions To Make It More Unique

There are some other extensions from which you can also customize the look of chrome browser such as change the themes some of the best apps for chrome and if you know little knowledge of CSS programming you can easily build a theme using some of chrome FTP extension.

11 # Lamborghini Reventon

Google Chrome Lamborghini Theme

This is an extension that is one of my favourites to customize the chrome browser with the Lamborghini theme. This extension is installed by more than 7K chrome users and has almost 5-star feedback.

To install the extension on your chrome browser and select the colour of the theme such as Pink, Blue, Dark, Neon Green, Purple and many more.

  • Users  – 6950
  • Size – 879 KB
  • Languages – English

12 # Black Black Chrome Dark Blue Theme

Black Theme for Chrome min

This Google Chrome Theme is perfect for every chrome user because this theme works well in dim lights. I use it because I like it whenever I open up google chrome it goes all black and loves it. This is a perfect theme for black colour lovers. Just install it and switch the theme of the chrome browser. Moreover, you can also switch the colour of this theme into pink, blue, dark blue, neon green, yellow and orange.

  • Users  – 59000
  • Size – 767 KB
  • Languages – English

13 # Night Time In New York City

night time in new york

Nighttime in New York City is totally based on the nighttime wallpapers of New York City. This thems gives a classic view of the new york city. You can easily add this amazing theme into your chrome browser by adding an extension to google chrome.

  • Users  – 428898
  • Size – 3.83 MB
  • Languages – English

14 # Unknown Space

galaxy google chrome theme min

Just like the name of the chrome theme unknown space, this google chrome theme totally based on the amazing photos of galaxy outer space. The theme supports 20 different languages with a 1.6 version of the theme.

  • Users  – 533213
  • Size – 4.5 MB
  • Languages – 20 languages support

15 #  Cats

cat google chrome theme min

If you’re a cat lover then this is the perfect google chrome theme for you. The theme contains high-definition cat wallpapers for PC. With this theme, you can easily switch the chrome new tab page with the cat wallpaper with search engines and amazing quick accessing tools.

  • Users  – 34759
  • Size – 2.37 MB
  • Languages – English

Warping Up!

These browser extensions allow you to change the look of the new tab page of the google chrome browser. Now make more productive and functional. Just install these Chrome extensions and spice up your Chrome browser.

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