How to Disable / Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome

Showing the way to enable or disable javascript in google chrome on your android devices.

How To Enable or Disable Javascript In Google Chrome

Find your google chrome app on the android device you’re using.

Step 1:

Tap on it to open it and after that you have to tap on the three dots on the top right corner and then a list appears where you have to tap on the Settings option.

Step 2:

The settings tab will open. Now after the settings tab is open we will scroll it so as to reach an option ‘Advanced Menu’ and under it we have site settings.

Step 3:

We will tap on the site settings and the site settings tab will open and that is where we will find javascript. Tap on the javascript, we will have the javascript screen open.

Step 4:

Now you can allow sites to run Javascript. Now if you want to disable it just tap on the struggle next to the javascript. When it’s allowed, if you tap on it, it will be blocked and disabled And the opposite is done when to enable.

Step 5:

Now there is ad site exception, when javascript is allowed and you want to block some sites you can use the feature of ad exception and then site exception and a pop appears saying Block Javascript for a specific site.
So if you want to block some sites, this feature can be used.

For example if i want to block javascript for a specific site, I’ll type or any website of your choice and then tap on the add button, and the site will be blocked

Step 6:

Now there is an option for add more sites and you can always block/add more sites. Now you can disable it by tapping on javascript and if you want to enable some websites, you can use and site exception option. A pop up will appear saying allow javascript for a specific site.

There as we did for blocking a particular site here also we can add the name of any website say for example or the website of your choice and tap on the add button and then javascript will be available for that particular site.  In the same way you can add more sites for which javascript has to be enabled.

And if you want to delete your exception than you click on that exception and the site settings opens where there is an option of javascript. and below that there will be written clear and reset You are supposed to tap the clear & reset and it will be cleared. It is same for disable and enable.