16 Best Anime on Hulu To Watch

Here is the list of best anime on Hulu that you watch with your friends and family members on your Hulu Subscription.

the trend of animation is becoming mainstream day by day. The creation of Movies is rising in that particular niche. If you are looking for the best app for watching the best anime.

Then, why go anywhere when Hulu is here? Hulu is just like Netflix or even better. Because Hulu presents fantastic anime series.

Which makes a fantastic series provider the best app in the United States rating. Moreover, you can watch Japanese anime series on Hulu as soon as they become accessible. So, are you a lover of anime? If yes, go ahead.

Access as soon as possible. Furthermore, for beginners and veterans, it will be a great source of entertainment.

Here is, a list of the top 16 anime streaming on Hulu. Do watch and add fun to your life.

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Jojo’s bizarre adventure is the most-watched and liked animation movie in japan. This movie is produced by Hirohiko Araki.

The Jojo series has recently gained fame in North America. Although Araki began working in the 80s. The Jojo series is about the multi-generational saga of the family called Joestar. 

Furthermore, in every series, Jojo presents a new theme. That is to say, franchises love dealing with new Jojo. Above all, it’s not a dull common series that deals with the same location and the same character.

Also, the same motive. In Jojo’s bizarre adventure you will see a different location. Along with different motives and protagonists in every upcoming series.

Furthermore, the chapter of the same series is named Stardust Crusaders. Additionally, chapter four Diamond is unbreakable are the most successful stories.

Moreover, the series is full of fights, stands and action. Which people enjoy the most? In anime, magic powers are kind of mandatory to excite people. But in this Jojo series, you will be amazed after seeing magic and action.

Here, Jojo is capable of mixing a slice of life anime with neck break action. Hence, you should watch the Jojo saga/series if you are a newcomer. Other anime lovers should watch chapters third and fourth onwards.

2. Devil’s Line

devils line hulu

We know that devils are way too bad as we were told in real life. In contrast, in this series devils are not that bad. In the devil’s line vampires are used to protect humanity.

A vampire named Yūki Anzai sauces humans because he is half-human and half-vampire. This is all because of part of division 5 of the Tokyo police department.

Later, the series takes a turn and introduces a girl named Tsukasa Taira. Vampire Yūki Anzai rescued Tsukasa Taira.

After that their mutual attraction grows and Yūki Anzai can’t control the temptation. Thus, he bites Tsukasa Taira.

Because it was getting hard for him to resist the darker urges. However, Tsukasa stood by him in the adversity. Further, the demonic problem always surrounds Tsukasa and Yūki.

3. Bleach

bleach hulu

Bleach is a supernatural kind of series. Here, a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki has met with supernatural powers for years.

The series becomes interesting when Rukia transfers her power to him. She transferred half of the powers to him. Rukia is a soul reaper. The Turn-taking scene comes when Ichigo Kurosaki is reborn as a soul reaper himself.

Importantly, Ichigo protects himself and others from all kinds of spirits. For example, evil spirits. Later, Rukia helps him in doing this after all she relinquished her majority of powers to him.

You conclude, that Ichigo discovers that he has new allies. And this can help him in curbing his burden. Hence, do watch the bleach series.

4. Inuyasha

inuyasha hulu

People who have watched old-school Toonami. Probably know Inuyasha. Inuyasha is based on a manga series. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is a high school girl. And she doesn’t take interest in myths and legends.

Then, among finds her in Japan’s distant past alongside the half-demon warrior. Amazingly, Kagome is surprised to know that he can control Inuyasha even though no one can.

Later, both have Quest to reclaim shattered romantic feelings. For knowing the full story watch Inuyasha.

5. Overlord

overload hulu

The Overlord series is about an immersive virtual game. where the game will be taken permanently off.

But Momonga, a player of the game, is sad. In addition, momonga is not ready to log out from the game. Because he has given over a decade in the game. Amazingly, the game is on even after the gamer shuts down.

So, he remains trapped in his new form. For that reason, Momonga left as the last human in the game. That is why he gained immense power. Hence, this goes on and momonga sometimes uses his power as misinterpreted.

6. Fire Force

fireforce hulu

The fire force is explosive. Here, changes in characters can be easily seen. For example, a man turned into flames on a train then he transformed himself into infernals.

Also, Living and walking infernos. The elite team has the power to control the flame with their mind. Furthermore, the team is composed of pyrokinetic.

Hence, full of magical changes and actions. So, people are changing themselves into infernals. Notably, fire force 8 is ordered to investigate why people are turning into infernals. Also, for force 8 dealing with GAkuto Kajiwara.

7. Our last crusade or the rise in a new world

the rise in a new world

Our last crusade or the side in a new world is a synonym for Romeo and Juliet. Yeah! Yeah! Love is all around in the series. Also, fantasy. In this series of fantasy and love, you will see advanced technology.

Meanwhile, magicians of nebulizer sovereignty and advanced technology are being used. Whereas, Iska and Aliceliese met during the war. And noticed that they have the same goal of ending the war.

8. Corpse Princess

anime on hulu 2021

Have you ever heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Because there is so much similarity between buffy the vampire slayer and corpse princess.

Corpse Princess is a story of a girl named Makina Yoshimura. She plays the role of a princess in It. Who used to go by her way.

Furthermore, she is that girl who was raised after her death to become an undead warrior. Plus, Makina Hoshimura hunts and destroys other monsters and dead people. Hence,  she has grown powerful.

She had done all this because she wanted to prepare a way to heaven for her. Also, avenged my family. However, Makina is not shy like a buffy vampire slayer.

9. My Hero Academia

my hero academia

In the movie, my hero academia two people are named Marvel and DC. They are stranglehold on comic books. Also, movie theatre. Therefore, in the era of sci-fi and anime, you will see the series. Hence, you should watch my hero academia for sure.

Moreover, this series is based on a manga series. The Manga series is a series about high school. Which trained heroes for the next generation.

To conclude, do watch this famous series on Hulu. The series is about a boy who was born with power. His name is Izuku Midoriya, teenAger.

When he met with the world’s greatest superhero, Izuku had a chance to become a hero of his own. Also, the casting team has an eclectic hero with power and wildness.

10. Death Note

death note on hulu

Death note is about death and life. As is shown in the title of the anime. Yagami is a high school student. She found a book that related to death. To clarify, it Is a book that allows killing any person.

Initially, whose name is written in the book. Hence, lightly creates a god. Because God has the power to kill people.

Along with using his alter ego named Kira. Further, it promotes games like rat and cat playing. Likewise, light and L. Playing. L is the enigmatic investigator.

11. Samurai Champloo

samurai Champloo hulu

Samurai is a perfect mixture of comedy and martial art. Importantly, the samurai have few real historical events in Japan.

When the integration of modern and old was going on. However, this combination Is sometimes like a contrast file with this combination.

In this series, the trio refers to one young lady named Fuu and her two companions. Firstly Mugen and the other is Jin. After rescuing her two companions, she keeps with her on a personal mission.

12. Ergo Proxy

ergo proxy on hulu

Ergo proxy contains philosophical stories. Which makes it more impressive and stunning to the viewers. Although ergo proxy has only one season they rocked in it just one. The story of this animation is about the future.

Where androids and humans are living together peacefully. However, the virus comes and threatens Android for self-awareness along with killing. again, proxy comes and inspectors-lL Mayer discovers that proxy holds the secret.

Moreover, the proxy is the one who holds secrets and privacy.

13. One-Punch Man

one man punch on hulu

Super Hero of the time named Saitama. He is the most powerful hero of the time. yeah! We agree that Saitama has a lean physique but is good at fighting. or you can say he can defeat anybody in one punch.

That is why he has been called a one-punch man. Here, Saitama has challenges that he can never truly find funny moments. Hence, one punch man is humble as he appears.

Also, kind. You should watch one Punch Man on Hulu.

14. One-Piece

one piece anime on hulu

Yes! One-piece again. It already has 900 episodes. The manga series began in 1990 and goes on till now. This is about Eiichiro Odas.

The series goes on with ongoing tales of monkey D. Luffy.  Therefore, the hT of D. Luffy moves thrillingly as he goes on an adventure. Quite funny and enjoyable series is one piece.

Hence, search for who the pirate king will go on. Do watch this fantastic yet funny series on Hulu.

15. Space Dandy

best anime on hulu

Space dandy is a full entertainment Anime. Some characters are ridiculous and some are lovable.

Although it is a simple tale. Meanwhile, characters play on multiple levels. Along. With space explore parody. To conclude, the audience is strange after hearing the audience. IMDB rating is 8.1 Inwards.

16. Rurouni Kenshin

hulu anime

Have you done something wrong and are thinking of clearing it. By just going somewhere else where people don’t recognize you. If yes! Then you are similar to Rurouni Kenshin.

The main character of the series. So, Rurouni Kenshin becomes a wanderer. But as the past repeats once.

Similarly, Kenshin tries to leave his past behind. The only thing he was able to recognize was the scar on his face.

As usual, when he fights he gets back to his past from where he started. So, the series goes on. To conclude, Kenshin is always ready to fight for what is right. Do watch it on Hulu.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Best Anime on Hulu with complete information.

What animes should I watch Hulu?

These are some of the best animes you can watch. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Original Run: 2012-Present, Cowboy Bebop. Original Run: 1998, Kimi Ni Todoke. Original Run: 2009-2011, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Original Run: 2009-2010, The Heroic Legend of Arslan. Original Run: 2015, Hunter x Hunter, Mushi-shi and Ouran High School Host Club.

Does Hulu censor anime?

Conversation. Sorry for any inconvenience! We don’t censor content ourselves, but it’s conceivable that the content you’re watching was already filtered when it was sent to us by one of our content partners. We’ll be pleased to pass along your comments to the appropriate parties.

Which is better Hulu or Netflix for anime?

High-definition and ultra-high-definition content are available. Overall, quality content, but Netflix’s tiers are a little on the costly side.

What anime is leaving Hulu?

Digimon (all four seasons), Parasyte, Clannad 1 & 2, Toradora, Akame Ga Kill, Maid Sama, Utano Prince Sama, Golden Time, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, Say I Love You, The Fruits of Grisaia, Persona 4: the Animation, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, and My Love Story are among the shows that have reached the end of their Hulu run.

Did Hulu get rid of Family Guy?

While FXX and Freeform have cable rerun rights, Hulu is still the only place to see Family Guy online. Family Guy episodes from seasons 1 to 19 will air on FXX Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. ET.

Is Hulu good for watching anime?

While Netflix has a sizable selection of anime shows, it isn’t the only streaming service with a fondness for Japanese animation. Hulu now features some of the best anime available to stream online, and if you’re running out of Netflix series to binge, now is a fantastic time to sign up.

This is the end of this short guide.

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