Windows 11 Won’t Boot: Troubleshooting

If you are facing trouble with your Windows 10 then don’t worry. Because you are not the only one. Every fifth person is facing the issue that they are not able to boot their window 10.

Or their Windows 10 won’t boot along and the PC starts crashing. If a person gives you wrong information that your windows 10 won’t boot ever then he is a liar.

Because in the majority of the cases, it can be fixed by the right guidance. Which this article will provide you. Hence, stick to the article and read it till the end.

Else, you will either have to waste money or live with the boot problem forever. Therefore, read further information to help yourself out.

Startup Repair System?

Yes! By yourself. You heard right that you repair your Windows 10 on your own. Windows 10 has been upgraded to help people. Thus, it has been built with a startup repair option.

The startup repair system can scan the damage in windows 10 and repair it. Also, it will repair the damaged files. How to do it?

Firstly, you need a flash drive handy or else Windows 10 installation disc. You can use either of them because they will give you the same result.

Secondly, when you have your recovery data in your hand. Then, insert it into your PC/ laptop. You have to choose your recovery drive as your PC. Thirdly, click on the NEXT written on the screen and repair your PC.

After that, the boot option will be open. where you will find that many windows troubleshooting options have opened.

First, click on troubleshoot then advanced options later startup repair. After clicking on startup repair your system files will be repaired. In case they have any damages in it.

As mentioned above, it is a startup repair system. Hence, the repair system will repair this on its own.

Is the Motherboard Connection Right?

If your computer failed to boot again then give a check on the motherboard connection. In case your computer is showing you a blank screen then it’s worth checking your motherboard. Check these elements carefully :

RAM/ Memory

Well, RAM is a thin stick that can be disconnected easily. So, open the computer tower and take out your memory/RAM. Then put the slot back in the RAM bay. Make sure you have put it right and it is well connected.

PCI-E cards

It is not a major concern but keeps a check on it. In case PCI-Express has disconnected. If your PCI express did not connect well, it can trouble to start up your Windows 10. Thus, connect your GPU and PCI-E cards properly.

OS Hard Drive

Your PC can give trouble when your OS hard drive is disconnected from the motherboard. Also, power supply. For making it connect to your motherboard press the SATA cables firmly. Later, check that it should be connected with a PSU also.

External Flash Drives and Disks

Sometimes your windows 10 may be set to start up with external flash drives and disk. For example, a disc or maybe some USB. And this is the cause of trouble. Your windows 10/ PC is trying to start but failed in doing it.

Because they do not have the right to recover from external devices. So, what you have to do is to exert all the external flash drives and disks that have been attached. Then, try to start your computer. Maybe it will help you too.

Solve your boot problem with safe mode

Before trying anything to make your Windows 10 start. Go and access in the safe mode. Because safe mode will answer your any queries and troubles.

Plus, it gives you easy answers from which you can solve your Windows 10 issues easily. Without panic and opening the motherboard.

After you access it in the safe mode it will give you only the necessary details and files system startup. That is to say, all the damaged files, drivers and programs will not enter after safe mode.

Hence, you will easily recognize faulty files and repair or remove them with your suitability. A few tricks are mentioned below:-

Do try to start your computer again and again after failing once. Because it will open the boot options automatically. Hence, you can fix things easily. But if it will not happen then you can try two more options.

Firstly, restart your PC. Remove the power supply and press the power button for a few seconds. Later, Hold the power button to shut down. So, repeat the same process four to five times. To conclude windows the boot option automatically.

Secondly, if the first option doesn’t work you can try it out. By pressing the F8 key again and again. This will lead to an open boot option. But, don’t try these out in windows 8 and windows 10. Because they have advanced technology and take less time to boot. You can try this on slower devices.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Windows 10 won’t boot with complete information.

How do you repair Windows 10 if it does not boot?

In order to repair the Windows 10 if it does not boot up. Then you need t to follow these troubleshooting steps.

1.Attempt to boot into Windows Safe Mode
2.Check your battery
3.Unplug all USB devices.
4.Fast Boot should be turned off.
5.Examine Your Other BIOS/UEFI Options
6.Try running a Malware Scan
7.Return to the Command Prompt Interface.
8.Use System Restore or Startup Repair to restore your system.

How do I force start Windows 10?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to force Start Windows 10.

1.Go to the Settings tab.
2.Select Update & Security from the drop-down menu.
3.In the left pane, select Recovery.
4.Reset this PC, Revert to an older version of Windows 10, and Advanced
5.startup are the three main options presented by Windows.
6.Under Reset this PC, click Get started.

This is the end of this short guide.

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