How To Change Name in PayPal – Step by Step Guide

Want to know step by step process on How To Change Name in PayPal? In this case, read out this complete short article.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is an app used worldwide frequently as this app supports national and international transactions, which in a manner connects countries financially even at the smallest level. Freelancers and people like so, and even others mainly use apps like these to have transactions as these are way more convenient and at ease.

When it comes to apps like these other than bank transactions. You were now coming to PayPal, which uses your identity, of course, to ensure no frauds and a safe and smooth transaction any which ways.

Now your identity includes your name, which in some cases happens for you to have made out a situation in a way that you have to change your name, in any case, either marriage purpose or personal occasion.

How To Change Name in PayPal

Now to change your name obviously when it quite trusted, it assumed that it wouldn’t be very convenient, but there’s always a way to do it. To change your name on PayPal.

Step 1:

Open the browser and visit a websitePayPal Help.’

Step 2:

Sort of a customer care page of PayPal will open where you could either contact PayPal associates, get answers to some common questions, or in this case, click on ’email us.’

Step 3:

As you click on it, it will get a new tab in front of you where it’ll ask you in case if you want to continue without logging in or if you would want to log in. You have to click on login just below email us.

Step 4:

You have to fill up the necessary credentials like email and password and click on login, where you can also recover your account password or something if you lost your hands over it. Now, after filling up the credentials, you have to click on login, and a new tab appears.

Step 5:

This tab shows up frequently asked questions as well as two boxes where you can place an email in your query.
You gotta choose the topic of your question from a drop-down and a sub-topic from another drop-down where in this case, you gotta choose ‘my account’ and ‘changing/updating account information’ respectively.

Step 6:

After selecting it and moving further, another screen will appear with some information where it’ll also ask you about what kind of name you want to change. Here you gotta select ‘personal name’ and then go ahead to the form filling boxes where you legit gotta type.

Step 7:

Here you have to type the name which was already in use and then the name you want to keep now, then write the specifications in the message box and then click on send. Check your mail where the PayPal associates would send you the email. Your name would anyhow change in a day.

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