What is YourPhone.exe? [Explained]

Do you have downloaded yourphone.exe in your system?  You might have installed it in your system and are looking for knowledge of it all around. Here we have organized as well as enumerated the relevant information on your phone in this article.

Here we have given information on the perspective of Windows. We have explained here various discussions on yourphone.exe and the different headings on it.

What is YourPhone.exe?

The YourPhone is the application that enables you in connecting to the iPhone device or the Android phone with the device of Windows 10. It depends on what type of smartphone you have, and it gives the allowance to users of:-

1. In linking the phone for unlocking the variety of experiences of cross-device. It links both Android as well as the iPhone.

2. For viewing and sending of the text messages through the PC. It is only for Android devices.

3. Viewing of the photos of recent one through the phone on the PC. It is for Android devices only.

4. Playing as well as controlling the music.

5. Answering the phone calls.

6. Performing the screen mirroring. It is also only for Android devices.

It is to be noted that your phone app is the Universal Windows Platform App which is available only for Xbox and for Windows 10. It is not available and will not run for Windows 7 as well as for Windows 10.


What is Yourphone.exe?

The yourphone.exe is the process of main one of the applications of Your Phone in Windows 10. The default location for the app file of Your Phone is-

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.YourPhone_1.20051.89.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Such a size of the file of YourPhone.exe is 19KB only. Other than this, it relies on most of the DLL files for functioning.

The best fact here is that yourphone.exe will not appear in the Task Manager till you will not trigger the Your Phone app to start there.

When you will start it, it will run in the background always at the time of sessions on Windows. Even at the time when you will open and then do the closing of the app.

Installation of the Phone app

As explained above, the app of Your Phone is installed in the previous form in Windows 10. If you don’t find it on the PC, then you can do the downloading and installation of it through the Store of Microsoft.

What is Your Phone?

For installation of the app, follow the given steps:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the Microsoft Store.

Step 2

Then search there for Your Phone in the given search list.

Step 3

Then click on the Get for installation of it.

Step 4

As when it will get installed, then the Your Phone app is available there now in the Start menu. You can also directly run through the app of Microsoft Store by clicking the Open button.

Disabling the Your Phone from running in the background

As if we see that it is the app of Universal Windows, then you can easily perform the disabling of the Your Phone through running in the background by the use of the Settings app. Follow the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, click on the Start button.

Step 2

Then type their Background apps and click on the Open button.

Step 3

Do the scrolling down of the screen to the Your Phone and untick there. It will set the option to the Off form.

Step 4

The settings will affect after you will log out and log in. You can perform the verification by opening the Task Manager and then searching for YourPhone.exe. You will find that it will not be there in the list.

Should You Perform the Uninstallation of the Phone App?

There is not a need for this. Your Phone and also the related process of it which is yourphone.exe is not a virus, bloatware, or malware.

It consumes the little amount of system resources. If you want to get a better performance put off the PC, then there are various ways out there for increasing the performance of Windows 10.

If you want to share the computer with the other ones, then there is a great possibility that someone else does use Your Phone as it provides the best benefits to everyone. If you will do the uninstallation of the all, then the settings as well as the personal data will get lost.

Uninstallation of the Your Phone

The Your Phone is the built-in Universal Windows Platform App. You cannot perform the uninstallation of it from the Add/Remove Programs or from the Add or Remove Programs. In the App Settings, the button of uninstalling is greyed out and is not able to be clicked.

For the uninstallation of the Your Phone App, through the computer, follow the given steps:-

Step 1

Firstly, start the Powershellfrom the search bar as an administrator.

Step 2

Then you have to type there Get-AppxPackageMicrosoft.YourPhone -AllUsersl Remove-AppxPackage

Step 3

Then it will send you a notification about the Deployment Operation progress and then it will disappear. Your Phone is now uninstalled from your device.

Step 4

You can now do the verification of this through typing Your Phone in the given Windows Search Bar. It will not return the app of Your Phone as the form of search result. You can also search for Your Phone in the store of Microsoft. It will tell you then you may have done the installation of the app, but it is not installed now.

Repairing the YourPhone app

If you find that the Your Phone is not working properly, then give a try for repairing of the app. For repairing of the Your Phone app, follow the given steps:-

Step 1

Firstly, click on the Start button, and then search there for Your Phone.

Step 2

Now do right-click on the Your Phone and then click on the App Settings.

Step 3

In the given window of Settings, do the scrolling down of the screen, and then click on the Repair.

If you find that the Repair is not fixing your issue, then give try the Reset from the same window of App settings.

If the Reset is also not working in some of the conditions, then you can go for the uninstallation of the app, and then you have to again install it from the Microsoft Store.

It is again to be noted that, yourphone.exe is not a virus, though it is a legitimate process in Windows 10.

It is the file of the main one for Your Phone which provides the possibilities of communication with the Android phone as well as the iOS. The YourPhone.exe is the process of safe one which runs in the background of Windows 10.

The YourPhone.exe is the point of access for running the process on Windows 10. It is the perfect app for linking Android as well as iOS devices together.

What is the status of YourPhone.exe? 

YourPhone.exe is a process that alerts Microsoft to the presence of the Your Phone app. 

Is YourPhone exe safe to delete?

You can do this by pressing Windows + I on your keyboard. Select Background Apps from the Privacy menu. Click the toggle switch next to Myphone.exe to disable the background application.

Microsoft YourPhone: what does it do?

Your Phone connects an Android device quickly and easily to your Windows computer, allowing you to manage photos, respond to texts, and much more based on your phone model.

What is the problem with uninstalling your phone app?

You Phone is deeply integrated into Windows to enable cross-device experiences today and in the future.

Final Words

Here we discussed the information on YourPhone.exe and understood what it is. Along with this, we also learned other important things about it. Give a read to all of the headings that we discussed here on Your Phone and tell us a comment on them. Also, go for our more topics.

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