How To Delete Reddit Account – Step By Step Guide

I’m going to show you how you can delete your Reddit account on mobile. This gonna work in the Reddit app on Android and iPhone so what you need to do is

How To Delete Reddit Account

Step 1 :

Click on your profile in the top right-hand corner and then click on settings here you can scroll all the way down until you get to help FAQ click on that and then in the text box where you want to type in deactivate.

Step 2 :

We should type that click search and then the Reddit post should come up saying how do I deactivate my account click on that and then where it says click this link.

Step 3:

Now you’re going to be taken to read it on the browser and here you need to log into the account you want to delete so what you’re typed in your username and your password.

Things To Consider Before Deleting Reddit Account

There are a couple of things you need to know about deleting your account on Reddit number.

  • Number one is when you delete or deactivate your account all of your post histories is still to be there on Reddit for everyone to see the only change is that no one’s gonna know who made the post as it’s going to say deleted at the top of the post if you wanted to delete your post history then you’d have to manually delete each post. Which is a pain because loads of you have loads of different post on Reddit this is fault on Reddit.


  • Send and this is the only way, can delete all of your posts and deactivate your account. But to finish the activate in your account what you can do is enter your user name again enter your password tick I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable and then click deactivate the account. And now you will see the account is no longer logged in and the account will be fully deactivated.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t delete all the posts but that’s the only option really has at the present time if they do make another update where you can delete the post with deleting your Reddit account then I’ll sure all of you to get updated. I hope you like the information and hope these steps are useful for your Reddit account deactivation and tech-related news, you’ll get here is simply and details.