VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier) | Definition

What is VCI?

A virtual channel identifier (VCI) distinguishes digital stations (also called circuits) generated within a packet/cell that changed the system.

A VCI contains numerous courses, each communicating station, and can tackle every developed circuit’s unique identification. Even a VCI can also be called a digital circuit identifier (VCI).

VCI means as per Tech

VCI can utilize in asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) mobile networks. Just about every ATM cell header comes with a VCI, and it really will be only a 16-bit numerical area for rational digital station identification.

Every VCI performs together a Virtual path identifier (VPI) to ease complete data package transport. The joint VCI and VPI numerical identifiers guarantee proper data route transportation.

What is VPI?

A Virtual Path Identifier (VPI) is an identifier of data communication that uniquely refers to a system route to get an asynchronous transport mode (ATM) mobile packet to get to its destination node.VPIs are 16-bit numerical headers in ATM mobile transmissions.


ATM cells an average of a move across ATM switches. VPI links let that the buttons on which to track the package manually.

Each course includes a certain percentage of bandwidth attached to it. The amount of avenues is dependent on bandwidth. Every recently generated system features a VPI delegated into it.

Being an ATM cellular goes over a system; this typically moves using numerous ATM switches. The VPI informs the buttons on which to manually track the package of advice or precisely what way to choose.

Thus the title, Virtual Path Identifier.” The VPI can utilize along with both the VCI virtual or even digital channel identifier.

VPI means as per Tech

VPIs work in cooperation using virtual station identifiers to allow the entire ATM mobile switching system. ATM cells make digital circuits and avenues, resulting in unique networks over the full station communicating functionality.

The digital station identifier refers to the circuit/channel in usage, whereas VPI fits the desired destination server’s right road.
ATM cells empower rapid and direct communication.

Additionally, they make lace and offer identification while managing control management. A numerical designation dedicates to all of the paths and circuits made by this ATM change; they indeed have been called virtual channel identifiers and virtual path identifiers.

The relation between VCI and VPI

A Virtual Channel Identifier (VCI) can be just a unique identifier that signifies a distinct digital circuit onto a system. It’s just a 16-bit discipline from the header of an ATM mobile phone.

The VCI, along with all the VPI (Virtual Path Identifier), can be utilized to spot the next destination as it moves through a set of ATM switches on its way for its own goal.

ATM switches use the VPI/VCI areas to spot precisely the VCL (digital Channel Connect ) of their following system a cell should transit on its way to its destination.

The Role of the VCI is like That of this Datalink link identifier DLCI at Frame Relay along with the Terrible Channel Variety & Logical Channel Group Amount at X.Twenty Five.

ATM Connection with VCI and VPI

ATM functions being a channel-based transportation coating, with VCs. That encompasses the notion of the digital paths (VP) and digital stations.

Every ATM mobile includes an 8- or – 12-bit digital path identifier (VPI) and a 16-bit digital channel identifier (VCI) set defined in its header. VCI, together with VPI, can be utilized to recognize the next destination as it moves through a string of ATM switches on its way to its destination.

The duration of such VPI may differ depending on the mobile routed onto the user-network port (about the border of such system ) in case it delivers over the network-network port (within the system ).

Because these cells traverse an ATM system, shifting occurs by merely altering the VPI/VCI worth (tag swapping).

Even though the VPI/VCI values aren’t necessarily constant in 1 end of their bond to one different, the circuit’s idea is steady (contrary to the internet protocol address). Any packet can return to its destination by another path compared to others).

ATM switches utilize the VPI/VCI areas to recognize precisely the digital station hyperlink (VCL) of this next system a cell should transit on its way to its destination.

The role of the VCI is very similar to that of this info connection identifier (DLCI) at framework relay and the reasonable station number along with plausible station group range in X.twenty five.

Another appeal of using electronic circuits can utilize them like multiplexing coating, letting different products and solutions (for example, voice, framework relay, n* 6 4 stations, internet protocol address). The VPI is also helpful for cutting down the shifting desk of several digital circuits with ordinary avenues.

Wrapping Up

Here we got to know what VCI means and how it connects in addition to VPI and ATM. Give a read to it and understand how you can use it in your way.